Delfos from Barcelona raises €6.3M for AI-Powered Renewable Energy Platform

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Delfos from Barcelona raises €6.3M for AI-Powered Renewable Energy Platform
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Delfos, an AI-powered advanced analytics platform based in Barcelona, has secured €6.3M in seed funding to enhance the performance and reliability of renewable energy power plants. This investment will bolster Delfos’ efforts to optimize renewable energy assets for utility firms, aiming to reduce downtime, enhance performance, and preemptively identify potential faults.

The funding round was co-led by Contrarian Ventures and Headline, with participation from existing investors including DOMO.VC and EDP Ventures. Rokas Peciulaitis, Managing Partner at Contrarian Ventures, emphasized the importance of efficiency, stability, and timely decision-making in renewable infrastructure investments. He praised Delfos’ predictive management platform as a critical infrastructure layer for asset resilience.


Delfos’ Virtual Engineer Platform

Founded in 2017 by Guilherme Studart and Samuel Lima, Delfos specializes in renewable energy with its “virtual engineer platform.” Employing AI and big data, the platform enhances the efficiency of wind, solar, and hydro farms. Delfos’ software provides automated performance and reliability workflow management, boosting ROI and optimizing asset performance.

Impact on Renewable Energy Efficiency

Delfos’ technology has been instrumental in monitoring over 10GW of renewable energy assets. The company estimates a 3-5% increase in energy generation, a 30% reduction in component replacement costs, and streamlined data management and reporting processes.

Reducing Downtime in Renewable Sites

Delfos offers a SaaS platform to B2B customers, enabling utilities and renewable energy managers to proactively identify performance improvements, maintenance issues, and potential faults in real-time. The advanced technology allows engineers to detect performance issues within 24 hours and address major component faults 3-5 months before downtime, crucial for remote assets like solar farms.

Co-founder’s Vision for Green Energy Transition

Co-founder Guilherme Studart emphasized the need for efficient and reliable renewables at the heart of the future energy supply chain. He highlighted Delfos’ role in driving up energy produced by each renewable asset, making them more lucrative, efficient, and appealing to investors.

Global Expansion Plans

With its European headquarters in Barcelona and a LATAM HQ in Brazil, the startup plans to hire 12 more employees in Spain and across Europe within the next six months, designating Barcelona as the global HQ location. The funding aims to fuel European expansion, focusing on partnerships with renewable energy asset owners, maintenance providers, and utility companies. Delfos also eyes US expansion in 2025 after establishing a solid presence in Europe and LATAM.

Advancing Renewable Energy Efficiency

The Seed Funding round marks a significant advancement in renewable energy efficiency. With its innovative AI-powered platform, the company is set to play a crucial role in the global transition to more efficient and reliable renewable energy sources.


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