Deftpower from Netherlands secures Investment to propel EV Charging Innovation

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Deftpower from Netherlands secures Investment to propel EV Charging Innovation
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Deftpower, a leading SaaS platform in the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector, has announced securing a new round of funding led by 4impact Capital. The round also saw participation from existing investors such as Proeza Ventures, Twickelborg, Cosmic Cat, Rethink Ventures, and Koolen Industries, marking a significant step towards the company’s ambitious expansion plans over the next two years.

This financial milestone follows closely on the heels of their recent €2.5M funding achievement from the EU EIC Accelerator, earmarked for promising energy startups, underscoring the company’s growing influence in the sustainable energy sector.

Jacob Zonneveld, co-founder and CEO of Deftpower, expressed his gratitude towards 4impact for their understanding of the energy transition and the nuances of scaling a business. “We are very grateful for their trust in Deftpower,” Zonneveld stated, highlighting the strategic alignment between Deftpower’s mission and 4impact’s investment philosophy.


Revolutionizing EV Charging with AI

Founded in 2020 by Marc Diks and Jacob van Zonneveld, the SaaS company is on a mission to create the ultimate charging solution for electric vehicles. The company provides white-label software solutions to mobility service providers, optimizing the EV charging process and integrating EVs into the broader energy grid. This initiative is pivotal in accelerating the acceptance of electric vehicles by promoting renewable energy use and reducing fossil fuel dependency.

With the transportation industry responsible for approximately 25% of global CO2 emissions, Deftpower’s innovative approach is both crucial and timely. The company’s advanced platform aims to recalibrate the relationship between electric vehicle drivers, their cars, charging points, and the grid into a sustainable ecosystem.

Currently, the startups boasts a portfolio of 23 customers across 9 countries, offering comprehensive access to major charging networks throughout Europe. With a dedicated team of 30 professionals, the company is rapidly establishing itself as Europe’s most advanced EV charging platform.

Backing from 4impact Capital

4impact Capital, known for its early-stage investments in European digital startups with a focus on sustainability, has recognized Deftpower’s potential to make a significant impact in the growing market for flexible capacity assets. Pauline Wink, managing partner at 4impact, praised the Deftpower team for their superior product and clear strategy, which aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the areas of Planet and People.

As Deftpower continues to expand its footprint in the EV charging industry, the support from 4impact Capital and other investors underscores the market’s confidence in Deftpower’s innovative solutions and its vision for a greener future. This partnership not only fuels the startup’s growth but also reinforces the broader commitment to advancing sustainable mobility and energy solutions worldwide.


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