Data Intelligence Platform Smart Kiwi raises £250K

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Smart Kiwi, a data intelligence platform for shared mobility companies, raised a Pre-Seed Round led by SFC Capital, the UK’s most active seed-stage investor. Additionally, investors included Plug & Play and Startup Wise Guys. SFC Capital recently backed Ryft and Route Konnect as the lead investor in their rounds.

Smart Kiwi expects to use the funding to create a demand model that predicts consumer demand and makes resource allocation more profitable for shared mobility companies.

Angelo della Piana, the CEO and co-founder of Smart Kiwi, stated that SFC Capital’s investment will help them grow. This will give Smart Kiwi access to more resources and resources for shared mobility companies to use. They know firsthand how small the margins are in this niche market— they hope to support as many businesses as possible through data and real-time analysis.

Smart Kiwi is a data and resource sharing platform that supports shared mobility companies. Its founders, Angelo and Murat, are in charge of working with SFC Capital’s investment manager Ed Stevenson to provide the best possible care for these businesses. Work with them has given them a decade of experience working with shared mobility startups, which is essential in understanding how these businesses operate and what is best for them. I look forward to seeing what’s next for Smart Kiwi.

How Was This Idea Born?

Angelo Delle Piane and Murat Derya Ozen founded the smart Kiwi startup this year in London. The young startup focuses on shared mobility and a significant amount of their experience comes from working in the tech field.

New shared mobility startups must improve their hardware and material resources. This includes improving battery life, using more durable materials and implementing software improvements. Physical resources must also be enhanced through software changes, including data optimization. These changes allow these startups to increase their profit and stay competitive in the market.

Angelo and Murat knew that they needed to improve the software that was already available in order to make the most of the data they were already collecting. This led them to create Smart Kiwi, which allowed them to predict accurate demands.

Data Intelligence Model For Shared Mobility

Smart Kiwi uses its data intelligence platform to create demand models for companies that share any type of fixed asset, such as e-scooters, bikes or cars. They also create models for companies that share moopeds.

This data-driven company uses cutting-edge machine learning and geospatial modeling to predict how customers will demand data products. This new business model enables the sharing mobility companies to predict rider demand and optimize costs. It also helps transportation logistics providers increase ridership by distributing their fleet more effectively.

On the data platform, consumers can determine which times to lower the price on vehicles based on predicted demand. This encourages more customers to buy vehicles.

Smart Kiwi can predict where and how much demand there is likely to be at a given time and place. This information can be used by transportation companies for better warehouse management or for anyone looking to increase their popularity.


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