Daedalus raises €19.4M to pioneer the World’s most advanced Factories using AI

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Daedalus raises €19.4M to pioneer the World's most advanced Factories using AI
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Daedalus, a German technology company at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into manufacturing, has successfully secured $21M (approximately €19.4M) in a Series A funding round. The round was led by NGP Capital, with additional contributions from existing investors, including Addition and Khosla Ventures. This investment will fuel the development of Daedalus’ proprietary Manufacturing AI Platform and expand its production facilities in Germany.

Founded by Jonas Schneider, a former technical lead at OpenAI, Daedalus is on a mission to create the world’s first autonomous and instantly reconfigurable factories. The company’s Manufacturing AI Platform automates the entire manufacturing process, from quoting to delivery, for high-precision and high-mix parts. This innovative approach allows the firm to optimize shop floor operations and automate manual tasks, significantly enhancing efficiency and precision.


A Software-Defined Approach to Production

Daedalus employs a software-defined strategy to enable the production of any new part with minimal human intervention. This method allows team members, even those with minimal training, to accurately transform customer designs from CAD to finished parts. The company’s technology promises remarkable precision, reliability, and speed in manufacturing mission-critical, high-value bespoke components.

Empowering Industries with AI-Powered Factories

Daedalus serves leading companies across various sectors, including semiconductor, energy, e-mobility, defense, and pharmaceuticals, all of which depend on precision manufacturing for their bespoke components. The company’s AI-powered factories are designed to unleash the potential of numerous industries by forging bespoke parts on demand with superhuman reliability and efficiency.

Addressing the Precision Manufacturing Challenge

The demand for Daedalus’ innovative solutions is a testament to the current state of precision manufacturing. The company’s software-driven factory addresses major industry pain points, offering a solution that significantly outperforms traditional manufacturing methods. With over 50,000 incumbents already outscored and a vast untapped market potential in Germany alone, Daedalus is poised for rapid expansion.

Expanding Capacity to Meet Growing Demand

With the Series A funding, Daedalus is set to ramp up its first 50,000 sqft factory in Germany, already producing critical components for industry leaders. The company’s focus on embedding powerful AI features into its products will further enhance its offerings, meeting the exceeding demand from existing customers and expanding its reach into new markets.

This funding round not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also for the future of manufacturing, as the company continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing the industry with its AI-driven solutions.


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