Circadacare secures €1.5M for Circadian Light Tech to Support Independent Living

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Circadacare secures €1.5M for Circadian Light Tech to Support Independent Living
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Newcastle-based Circadacare, an independent living tech company, has secured £1.3M (approximately €1.51M) in a fresh round of funding. The company, which integrates circadian light technology with a unique monitoring platform, aims to enhance wellness and support independent living, particularly for older adults and those living with dementia.

The funding round was led by Northstar Ventures, with additional support from private and venture capital investors. The company also received a match-funded partnership award of £358K from Healthy Ageing Innovate UK and £80K from the Longitude Prize on Dementia.


Product Director’s Gratitude and Vision

Tallie Bush, Product Director at Circadacare, expressed sincere thanks to the investors, Innovate UK, and the dedicated team for their ongoing support. She emphasized the company’s commitment to continuing the development of their technology to enable effective care for everyone in need of support.

Impact of Circadacare’s Technology

Circadacare’s light technology supports sleep, reduces falls, improves cognition, and alleviates ‘sundowning,’ a state of confusion or distress common in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients towards the end of the day. The company’s product, Heleos, is an easy-to-install light bulb offering consistent home lighting and real-time monitoring to detect deviations in behavior.

Enhancing Quality of Life and Easing Social Care Strain

With 61% of those with dementia living at home, Circadacare’s technology aims to enable people to stay home longer, enhancing life quality and easing the strain on social care resources.

Founder’s Appreciation and Mission

James Theobald, Founder of Circadacare, appreciated the vote of confidence from investors and Innovate UK. He highlighted the funding and award’s role in continuing the mission of helping individuals live independently for longer. The combined potential of circadian light technology and advanced AI monitoring is set to deliver top-tier independent living solutions.

Advancing Independent Living Solutions

Circadacare’s funding round marks a significant step in advancing independent living solutions. With its innovative technology, the company is poised to make a substantial impact in supporting older adults and those living with dementia.


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