OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise Edition featuring Enhanced Security and Privacy

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OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise Edition featuring Enhanced Security and Privacy
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OpenAI, headquartered in California, unveiled the release of the ChatGPT Enterprise Edition on Monday, August 28. This advanced version of their AI chatbot is tailored for businesses seeking elevated levels of privacy, security, functionality, and bandwidth.

The ChatGPT Enterprise Edition introduces several enhancements, encompassing:

  • Enterprise-level security and privacy features
  • Unlimited access to GPT-4 with higher processing speed
  • Extended context windows to handle lengthier inputs
  • Advanced data analysis functionalities
  • Customization choices

OpenAI asserts that this updated iteration of ChatGPT addresses privacy apprehensions, facilitating a broader adoption among companies. Notable early adopters of ChatGPT Enterprise include Block, Canva, Carlyle, The Estée Lauder Companies, PwC, and Zapier.

OpenAI expresses, “Our conviction is that AI has the potential to enhance and elevate every facet of our professional endeavors, fostering increased creativity and productivity within teams. Today signifies yet another stride towards an AI work assistant capable of aiding in a multitude of tasks, tailored to your organization’s needs, all while safeguarding your company’s data.”

ChatGPT Enterprise: Total Data Ownership

OpenAI has confirmed that users of the ChatGPT Enterprise Edition will enjoy complete control and ownership of their data, ensuring it won’t be used for GPT training.

“In ChatGPT Enterprise, you own and maintain control over your business data. Our models do not undergo training on your business data or conversations, and our systems do not learn from your usage,” states OpenAI in its official blog post.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Enterprise Edition meets the SOC 2 compliance standards, with all conversations encrypted during transmission and while at rest.

Removing usage limits, ChatGPT Enterprise boasts significantly improved performance, performing tasks up to twice as fast. This version also introduces an extended context of 32k, enabling users to handle inputs or files that are four times longer. Additionally, ChatGPT Enterprise offers unrestricted access to advanced data analysis capabilities, previously known as the Code Interpreter feature.

This functionality empowers both technical and non-technical teams to swiftly analyze information. Whether it’s financial researchers analyzing market data, marketers dissecting survey responses, or data scientists debugging ETL scripts, the advanced data analysis feature proves invaluable.

For those seeking to tailor ChatGPT to suit their organization’s needs, the introduction of shared chat templates facilitates collaborative construction of familiar workflows.


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