CBD Startup TRIP raises $12m for Growth

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CBD Startup TRIP raises $12m for Growth

TRIP is Uk´s leading CBD brand. Recently, Maria Raga (the former CEO of Depop) and Christian Angermeyer (owner of Apeiron Investment Group) amongst other powerful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors, invested $12 million in the brand. This investment will help TRIP expand in the U.S. and worldwide.

TRIP was started by Olivia Ferdi and Daniel Khoury after they met at Cambridge University. The couple teamed up with CBD (cannabidiol) helping Daniel recover from an accident that required knee surgery before their wedding. Blessed by the benefits of CBD, the two left their jobs in finance and law to start TRIP together. The company is famous in the UK as the Queen’s CBD (Cannabidiol), because it was sold out in Windsor shop belonging to the Queen. TRIP is known for producing a range of drinks, oils, and gummies designed to help people relax.

TRIP is the number one most searched CBD Drinks brand in Europe, and has drawn millions of followers since its launch in 2019. The 94% of customers who have tried the brand have recommended it to their family and friends, which indicates its strong presence in the CBD space in the UK with 88% market share and distribution in over 11,000 stores. The viral nature of TRIPs popularity was quickly seen in search engines, where it overtook travel companies as the top search result for the word “TRIP” across Europe. The startup has partnered with Soho House and Co. as their exclusive CBD supplier in the United States, and Los Angeles-based store Erewhon. They have a close community of loyal consumers, and are looking to expand their retail locations on a global scale.

Soho House & Co. Drinking Director Tom Kerr said that the company from UK is a favorite at Soho House. The brand was selected as a partner after being evaluated against other CBD brands worldwide, and since the partnership has been a big hit in all of the Soho House locations.

Through its mission to bring high-quality CBD and plant-based wellness products into the mainstream, TRIP is quickly becoming a global leader in the CBD health category. The company is experiencing a steady upward trajectory in the category, which is already measured at over $12.8 billion. The TRIP community is thriving due to the products authentic functional ingredients and flavorful formulas, which are driving high customer return rates. Through this raise, TRIP will further expand US distribution and improve its brand.

Olivia Ferdi co-founded the startup with a personal experience with CBD, and since that time, the worlds attitude towards mental health and wellbeing has shifted dramatically. Ferdi says that the company has seen significant growth since their inception, due to the shift in conversations surrounding mental health and well-being across the globe.

Olivia and Daniels company has helped millions of people try their first CBD product, and today the brand is helping to create a new consumer category. The brand is focused on health and well-being, and helping people deal with everyday stress and mental health issues. The brand is helping to create a better world, as we know it.


TRIP was established in 2018 by Olivia Ferdi and Dan Khoury, and produces a CBD products brand that appeals to modern consumers. Their products have great flavor, beautiful packaging, and are THC-free. The CBD used in the products is some of the highest quality available, and is third-party lab tested to ensure purity and quality. Some of the products produced by TRIP include calming canned drinks with a cool, pastel aesthetic, and four flavors that won a Great Taste Award: Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger, Lemon Basil, and Cold Brew infused with CBD. Additionally, they also produces two different CBD oils – Wild Mint and Orange Blossom combined with Chamomile.


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