Capsule Corp Labs collects €7.3M

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Capsule Corp Labs, a Paris-based platform specialised in the creation and development of utility NFTs, has secured €7.3 million in a seed round.

Development Plans Ahead

The $CAPS token sale generated €2.4 million needed to fund the project. Additionally, $CAPS raised €4.8 million in equity from Omnes Capital, which backed Gourmey and Therapixel. Additionally, the funding includes $DFG investment funds from Digital Finance Group, as well as DFG and REVAM from Web3 specialized funds.

With additional financing, Capsule Corp Labs can increase the scope of their research by increasing the size of their R&D team to more than 30 people.

Clément Téqui, CEO of Capsule Corp Labs and co-founder of Ternoa, stated that the Omnes partnership will enable them to continue investing in R&D for future Web3 infrastructures. This partnership is a significant accomplishment in its own right because it was finalized in the face of a difficult market context.

Ternoa is an open-source blockchain company operating on France and European soil. They launched April 1, 2019, and accepted funding from Capsule Corp Labs for further development. “This funding will help us integrate more Ternoa products into the NFT ecosystem in France and Europe,” said the company’s CEO, Mickael Canu.

The Ternoa team has one of the few real underlying technological assets among its Layer 1 blockchains. This allows them to provide Web 3 startups with more functionalities than any other European blockchain platform. Additionally, it gives the team a financial base from which to offer the European Layer 1 blockchain platform of reference. Fabien Collangettes, Investment Director at Omnes Capital, made this statement about Ternoa.

DFG believes in Ternoa since the very first day. James Wo, the company’s founder and CEO, explains that DFG’s Layer 1 infrastructure promotes a bold ecosystem that nurtures useful NFTs. With Mickael Canu and Clement Téqui leading the project, DFG believes Ternoa will be on top of the game very soon.

Blockchain Dedicated To NFTs

Ternoa is a blockchain infrastructure layer 1 project launched in 2022. It is the main programmer of Capsule Corp Labs, a decentralized and open-source provider of utility NFTs.

Capsule Corp Labs’ main goal is to help businesses of all sizes create a business model on the Ternoa blockchain. This is extremely difficult and time-consuming process that Capsule Corp Labs wants to help companies with. It’s also a startup studio and Web3 consulting firm.

The labs at Capsule Corp already helped three new enterprises launch their products. This included creating hundreds of thousands of Euros in revenue for each project. Additionally, unique Ternoa NFT features such as secret content are utilized to improve the online experience of a popular video game owned by a leading company.


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