Video AI Startup Calipsa acquired by Motorola Solutions

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Motorola Solutions acquired London, UK-based Calipsa, a technology leader in advanced video analytics using a cloud-based platform.
Calipsa’s platform provides businesses with real-time health monitoring of their cameras, security alarms and A.I.-powered analytics. This allows businesses to optimize their security with content-based searches, tampering detection and real-time alerts based on AI. It’s used by monitoring customers around the world.

Calipsa’s cloud-based technology allows users to add artificial intelligence to existing IP cameras without additional hardware. This results in the ability to create new analytical capabilities on the millions of IP cameras already deployed.

Greg Brown, Chairman and CEO, Motorola Solutions said:

Calipsa can rapidly extend its intelligence across any video security solution. This way, the future of video security is driven by intelligence from edge to cloud. Calipsa can support the accelerating trend of companies using cloud technologies for safer and more secure security.

Mohammad Rashid, CEO, Calipsa said:

Both Calipsa’s and Motorola Solutions’ mission is to keep businesses and communities safe. By joining their Motorola Solutions team, we can quickly develop our innovative technologies that transform video into a proactive response tool. Additionally, our work with this team will increase the reach of our retroactive investigative tools.

About Calipsa

The company was founded in 2016 by a team from Cambridge, Imperial and University College as an answer to crime prevention through AI. Calipsa was born in London and uses artificial intelligence to address the overburdening burden placed on the security industry by false alarms.

We’re proud of the technology we’ve developed that allows security professionals to always be aware and prevent crime. This technology has allowed security professionals to make better decisions while in real time. Our technology isn’t traditional video analytics— it’s something different. CalIPSA’s cloud-based platform uses machine learning to reduce the number of security cameras with clouds by over 90%. Because of this, we’re reducing the number of CCTV alarms with a 90% reduction in false alarms. This is the first step towards completely replacing security cameras with clouds.

Working with clients in 6 countries around the world has made us the global leader in reducing false alarms. We’re committed to researching new technology to work with people instead of replacing them. Our team is incredibly motivated by creating a future where humans and technology work together to eliminate crime. This is because the safety of the world is our clear mission— helping make the world a safer place.


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