BRUDELI from Norway bags €1.3M to launch First Powerhybrid Truck

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BRUDELI from Norway bags €1.3M to launch First Powerhybrid Truck

BRUDELI, a Norway-based electric transmission technology firm, has successfully raised approximately €1.34 million in a new funding round. This investment will support the launch of the company’s inaugural Powerhybrid heavy-duty vehicle and advance the development of the hybrid commercial vehicles market.

BRUDELI’s Powerhybrid transmission module technology is a groundbreaking innovation that enables commercial vehicles to switch between traditional and low-emission fuels. This capability is particularly crucial for heavy-duty fleets operating in urban areas with strict air quality regulations, allowing them to achieve zero emissions while maintaining range during longer journeys.


Strategic Investments and Partnerships

The funding round was led by Hexagon Composites ASA and Leax Group AB, both major players in clean fuel and transmission components for commercial vehicles. Hexagon Composites ASA and LEAX Group AB invested nearly €437K and €262K, respectively, with additional funding from other existing and new shareholders.

The Powerhybrid Transmission Module

The Powerhybrid transmission module technology is designed to empower long-haul trucks to run on 80% electric energy, using a dual electric motor system with clutches and gears. Its unique design facilitates transitions between serial and parallel hybrid modes, eliminating power loss during gear changes.

The Vision of BRUDELI

Founded in 2019 by Geir Brudeli, BRUDELI Green Mobility AS aims to introduce electrified transmission solutions to accelerate the transportation industry’s alignment with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. The company’s solutions for the EU and North American truck drivetrain market aim for serial production by 2026.

CEO’s Statement

Lasse Bjørkhaug, CEO at BRUDELI, emphasized the significant role of the truck segment in overall CO2 emissions in the transport sector. He stated, “Our electrified truck powertrain solution is designed to enable heavy-duty fleet owners to operate at zero emission within cities using battery-electric, and at low emission on long-distance routes using green fuels.”

Pioneering in Electrified Transportation

BRUDELI’s recent funding round marks a pivotal moment in the field of electrified transportation. With its innovative Powerhybrid technology, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact in reducing CO2 emissions and advancing sustainable transportation solutions.


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