Biology Research Startup Constructive Bio secures $15M

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The company Constructive Bio got $15 million in seed money, and has an exclusive license from the Medical Research Council (MRC). The money was obtained headquartered in Cambridge, and is a biotechnology company. The license was given to Constructive Bio from Professor Jason Chin’s Lab at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Amadeus Capital Partners, General Inception, and OMX Ventures all contributed to the seed round of funding, led by Ahren.

Scales synthetic biology research

Professor Jason Chin has been doing revolutionary synthetic biology research, and the funding will be used to commercialize his work, as well as apply the technology in other areas. The money will go toward building out more platforms, such as creating synthetic DNA genomes, and making non-natural polymers using bacterial strains.

Professor Chin, the chief scientific officer of Constructive Bio, a company that has received significant funding and seed capital to get started. His job is to take advantage of the opportunity presented by nature, and build industry and businesses of the future.

Jason is collaborating with Dr. Ola Wlodek, CEO of Constructive Bio, to commercialize their revolutionary research. The technologies that they are working on access new chemical properties using biology, and can be used to make many different polymers that can be applied to many different industries. The initial focus will be on bioproduction, where the technology has a lot of value in the near future.

Matthew Newcombe-Ellis is the Operating Partner at Ahren Commercial Engine. He is happy to be working with the company, its other commercial partners, the MRC, and his co-investors to make this big opportunity happen over the next few years.

Amadeus Capital Partners is a partner of Pierre Socha. They are working on creating cells that can manufacture products more efficiently. Their company, called Constructive Bio, is focusing on writing the DNA of entire living organisms from the beginning. This would be the operating system for the cell, and help it produce more quality bioproducts faster and more accurately.

Builds reference techbio platform

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, has a lab staffed by Prof. Jason Chin. The lab has exclusively licensed the IP developed there to Constructive Bio, which has set up a bacterial strain to make synthetic genomes (genetic material) or non-natural polymers. The company hopes to build the reference techbio platform: a cellular factory utilizing this bacterial strain.

The MRC technologies will be used by the biotech firm to make polymers with unnatural amino acids for use in many different industries. These amino acids can be used in novel therapeutics, antibiotics, improved agriculture, manufacturing, and materials.


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