Bevvy from Scotland secures $1.5M for its Whisky App

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Bevvy from Scotland secures $1.5M for its Whisky App
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Bevvy, a Scotland-based whisky discovery platform, has successfully raised $1.5 million in seed investment. This funding, contributed by Scottish angel investors, existing shareholders, and a US-based family office, will be used to consolidate Bevvy’s market share and expand its consumer audience into new territories, including the United States.

Founded in 2021 by leading whisky expert Laurie Black, mathematician Atanas Tonchev, and medtech entrepreneur Lucas Heron, Bevvy operates a technology-led whisky discovery platform through consumer-facing Android and iOS mobile applications. Its proprietary image-capturing software allows users to scan and identify any bottle of whisky using a mobile camera.


Comprehensive Whisky Profiling

Once a whisky bottle is scanned, Bevvy profiles it with detailed information provided by distilleries and bottlers, including dynamic price data and expert tasting notes. This approach democratizes the whisky market, making it accessible to all and delivering an unparalleled search and discovery tool.

World’s Largest Whisky Database

The startup boasts the world’s largest whisky database, cataloging over 200,000 whiskies from the past 120 years. This includes 150,000 images and tracks retail and auction pricing while monitoring market sentiment to provide a dynamic, live valuation. The platform has garnered a regular active user base of 120,000.

Expanding into the US Market

With part of the investment from US investors predicated on a commitment to be active in the US market by mid-2024, Bevvy is well underway in expanding its catalog of Bourbon bottles and growing its presence in the US.

Benefits for Businesses

Bevvy has integrated whisky bar and pub data, enabling bar operators to scan available bottles and publish a live menu. Whisky auctioneers also find the platform critical for providing

indicative valuations for whisky portfolios, enhancing their auction processes.

Co-Founders’ Vision and Growth

Laurie Black, Co-founder & Head of Whisky at Bevvy, expressed excitement about expanding into new territories and solidifying Bevvy’s leading position in the digital whisky space. Finance Director Greg Gormley highlighted the challenging fundraising environment and Bevvy’s successful raise, underlining its growing importance as a critical tool among whisky consumers and collectors.

Shaping the Future of Whisky Discovery

The successful funding round underscores its dominant position in the digital whisky market. The startup is poised to transform whisky discovery and appreciation, bridging gaps in the market with its innovative, information-led app, and expanding its influence to a global audience.


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