Better Stack secures $10M to empower Developers in Enhancing Internet Quality

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Originating from the Czech Republic and now flourishing in San Francisco, Better Stack has successfully secured $10 million in a recent funding endeavor. This initiative, spearheaded by European investor KAYA with contributions from tech luminaries Aaron Levie and Kulpreet Singh, aims to revolutionize the way developers create software, making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Following a previous accumulation of $18.6 million from a diverse group of investors, Better Stack is setting its sights on aggressive expansion. The company’s strategy includes harnessing the ClickHouse database to foster enhanced collaborative efforts in software development.


A Unified Platform for Developers

Co-founders Juraj Masar and Veronika Kolejak launched Better Stack in 2021 with a vision to streamline the software development process. By amalgamating tools for monitoring, logging, incident management, and more, Better Stack offers a solution that is both cost-effective and superior in speed compared to traditional alternatives.

With a service that caters to over 200,000 developers and 4,000 customers, Better Stack positions itself as a formidable competitor against industry giants like Datadog, New Relic, and PagerDuty.

Democratizing Software Observability

COO and co-founder Veronika Kolejak highlights the platform’s reliance on SQL, a universally understood language among engineers, to standardize software observability. This strategic choice simplifies the integration process for engineering teams worldwide.

Founders’ Vision for Better Tools

CEO and co-founder Juraj Masar reflects on the inception of Better Stack, born out of a desire to address the everyday challenges faced by developers. The goal was to create the kind of tools they themselves would want to use, blending functionality with user satisfaction.

CTO Tomas Hromada emphasizes the importance of aesthetics and user experience in the development of tools, ensuring that Better Stack appeals to a wide range of users, from independent developers to CTOs of large corporations.

Investor Confidence

Tomas Obrtac, General Partner at KAYA, praises the Better Stack team for their profound understanding of the needs of modern engineering teams, making their product an indispensable choice for companies seeking efficiency and affordability.

Mission to Improve the Internet

With the latest round of funding, the Startup is poised to further its mission of aiding developers in building a superior internet, offering an integrated, efficient, and user-friendly platform for software development.


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