BeCause from Denmark secures $1.9M to spearhead Sustainability in Travel Tech

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BeCause from Denmark secures $1.9M to spearhead Sustainability in Travel Tech
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BeCause, a Danish startup at the forefront of sustainable travel technology, has recently secured $1.9 million (€1.75M) in seed funding. This significant financial boost is set to propel the company’s mission to revolutionize sustainability data management in the global hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Copenhagen, BeCause has emerged as a leader in providing enterprise software solutions that streamline sustainability data flow across the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors. The company’s innovative AI-powered platform enables hotels, travel brands, and marketplaces to manage their sustainability data more efficiently, automating manual data collection and enhancing communication among stakeholders.


Strategic Investment for a Greener Future

The funding round, co-led by Denmark’s Ugly Duckling Ventures and Estonia’s, includes contributions from notable individual investors like Sean Brown, Sean Evans, and Patrick Patrong. This investment will support BeCause’s rapid expansion to meet the escalating demand from major global travel brands and enterprise organizations, including, easyJet, Google, Radisson Hotels, and TUI.

Expanding the Reach of Sustainable Travel

With collaborations spanning 20,000 hotels and key partnerships with entities like Radisson, GreenKey, and, BeCause is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the travel industry. The company’s solutions empower stakeholders to make informed decisions that benefit people, the planet, and profits.

Addressing the Growing Demand for Green Travel

The travel and tourism sector is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental and cultural sustainability. A 2022 Statista survey revealed that over 80% of tourists consider sustainability in tourism to be important. BeCause’s solutions cater to this growing demand, enabling travel and hospitality businesses to align with sustainable practices and regulatory compliance.

The Market Potential for Sustainable Travel Tech

According to a forecast by Forrester, the global green market’s cumulative spend is expected to reach $325 trillion by 2050, with travel and transportation accounting for a significant share. This prediction underscores the vast potential for BeCause’s platform to drive responsible choices and positive impacts in the travel sector.

A Commitment to Reducing Environmental Impact

Despite challenging times for startups, marked by decreased capital investment and an increase in closures, BeCause remains steadfast in its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of travel. Frederik Steensgaard, co-founder and CEO, emphasizes the company’s dedication to not only serving the hospitality industry but also venturing into corporate travel and destination management.

Conclusion: Leading the Green Revolution in Travel Tech

BeCause’s successful funding round marks a pivotal moment in the travel tech industry. By providing innovative solutions for sustainable data management, the company is leading the charge in the green revolution, helping to shape a more sustainable future for the global travel and tourism sector.


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