Avenda health ropes in $10M to cure prostate cancer via AI

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Avenda Health, a California-based AI healthcare company creating the future of personalised prostate cancer care, has raised $10M in Series B funding led by VCapital. The round also includes Plug & Play Ventures and Wealthing VC Club participation. 

Avenda Health will use the funds to accelerate the use of iQuest, an AI-enabled patient management software that identifies and visualises a patient’s prostate cancer. Further, the funding will also be used to continue clinical evidence development.

Personalised Prostate Cancer Care

Avenda Health was founded by Shyam Natarajan, Leonard S. Marks, and Brit Berry-Pusey. Their mission is to provide a more individualized future for prostate cancer care.

Avenda Health’s software gives doctors confidence when making care decisions by providing a detailed 3D map of a patient’s cancer. This is due to the fact that these maps were created using deep learning.

The company’s goal is to create a new standard of care for cancer patients. They hope to do this by improving the quality of life of cancer patients while also ending mortality rates.

iQuest helps create the FocalPoint System, which reimagines laser ablation treatment. This system is used to treat prostate cancer in-office and under guided by ultrasound. This system also preserves the patient’s quality of life.

The system targets only the tumor tissue while avoiding healthy tissue. It also uses patient-specific information and AI to provide a personalized and precise treatment.

Avenda Health co-founder and CEO Dr. Shyam Natarajan says his company’s mission is to provide patients and clinicians with improved access to care. At the same time, their technological solution addresses key problems in men’s health. They hope to make a real difference in prostate cancer care with the help of this funding, which will assist them in expanding the reach and capability of their technology while adding more leadership from AI, medical devices and urologists.

The company stated at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting in 2022 that a retrospective study showed 80% of patients had improved tumor encapsulation1 using iQuest vs 56% with conventional treatment planning.

VCapital partner Ryan Kole is pleased to be a part of Avenda Health’s development. They are making incredible advancements in the care of prostate cancer, Kole says. He is proud to be involved in something significant, innovative and groundbreaking in men’s health.


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