Autarc from Germany secures Single-Digit Million Funding to boost Fossil-Free Heating in Europe

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Autarc from Germany secures Single-Digit Million Funding to boost Fossil-Free Heating in Europe
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Autarc, a Berlin-based developer of heat pump operating systems for HVAC installers, has announced securing a significant pre-seed funding round in the single-digit millions. This investment marks a crucial step in promoting sustainable energy solutions across Europe.

Autarc’s mission is to address the dual challenge facing Europe’s heating systems: their significant contribution to CO2 emissions and the shortage of qualified engineers to implement sustainable alternatives. The company’s innovative heat pump OS is designed to accelerate the transition to fossil-free heating, playing a pivotal role in the decarbonization of the building sector.


Ambitious Goals and Expansion Plans

With the goal of installing one million heat pumps by 2030, the startup from Berlin plans to use the capital to fund its planning software, expand its team, and extend its reach across Europe. This ambitious vision aims to significantly reduce environmental pollution and elevate energy efficiency to new heights.

The Founders’ Vision

Founded by Etienne-Noel Krause and Thies Hansen, Autarc simplifies the transition from traditional oil and gas heating to modern heat pumps. The company’s operating system supports both new and established heating contractors in adopting heat pump technology, offering user-guided software that simplifies the planning and installation process.

Innovative Technology for Efficient Installation

Autarc’s solution enables time savings of up to 50% in the installation of heat pumps. The company leverages artificial intelligence and LiDAR scan technology, in addition to heat load, hydraulic balancing, and dimensioning, to further streamline the process.

The Investor: PT1 – PropTech1 Ventures

PT1 – PropTech1 Ventures, the lead investor in Autarc’s funding round, focuses on supporting innovative entrepreneurs across Europe who address the challenges created by the scarcity of natural resources, affordable living space, and skilled labor. Fabian Koenig, Investment Manager of PT1 – PropTech1 Ventures, emphasized the importance of optimizing installation companies for a rapid and large-scale shift to sustainable systems.

Paving the Way for a Greener Europe

Autarc’s funding round is a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Europe. By optimizing the installation of heat pumps, Autarc is set to become a key player in the accelerated decarbonization of the continent.


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