Anything World raised $7.5 million in a Seed Round

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Anything World Team
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London-based Anything World makes 3D experiences through machine learning by using World Theory. It received $7.5 million in a Seed funding round thanks to investors Warner Music Group and Alumni Ventures as well as Acrew Capital.

Additional investors include GFR Fund, Supernode Ventures and GameTech Ventures. NGC Ventures invested in Everyrealm.

During the two-year time frame, the company plans to use the funds for additional runway and the launch of Anything World’s new high-fidelity animation system. This system will enable anyone to create 3D content.

Before this latest fundraising round, Anything World already received $9.3 million in funding.

The upcoming high-fidelity animation system from the UK company is intended to support any 3D model at any time. It’s the first stage of a multiple-stage system being launched by the company; the full system will be released incrementally over time.

Anything World’s platform provides a vital tool for creating 3D assets open to all, easily accessible, and remixable on a massive scale. This is because the platform’s larger-than-life 3D assets are one of the most effective ways of increasing user engagement.

Building Limitless 3D Experiences

The Company is an AI-powered cloud platform that allows users to build limitless 3D experiences. These experiences can be requested, seen, manipulated and even experienced using voice through the service’s chatbot. The platform’s CEO is Gordon Midwood and the service’s features were created by Anything World.

Anything World’s custom implementations algorithmically assign animations and behaviors. Alongside custom designs of 3D content, creators can access hundreds of thousands of 3D models through the software.

New features on the high-fidelity animation system make it more accessible to new users and more fun for everyone. These systems come with voice control, a 3D creator without codes and options for low and no coding. This increases creativity in the Web3, virtual and gaming worlds for both users and their creations.

Several games use the Anything Word generator; they include the Pink Planet Experience, Ubisoft Rabbids, Coheed and Cambria and Avatar Runner.

Ron Levin, Partner at Alumni Ventures, gives his opinion on Anything World by stating: “Anything World’s latest creation is a cutting edge machine learning platform that empowers future metaverse developers. Their team is strong and we anticipate them setting the standard for 3D games creators in the future.”

Closed its first fund with $250 million capital investments was Acrew Capital couple of years ago.

Anything World’s founding team members impressed their partner Vishal Lugani with their creativity and expertise. They explained that the project aims to develop digital experiences into more immersive and lifelike experiences. Anything World plans to accomplish this through the use of machine learning algorithms. Anything World claims to make it easy for developers and designers to produce interactive digital experiences. This includes games, virtual worlds and other immersive experiences— all of which typically require hours of labor to bring to life. Instead, the program claims to enable developers and designers to create their characters in just minutes.


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