Alexa developer’s brainchild, Unlikely AI raised $20M funding

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Alexa developer’s brainchild, Unlikely AI raised $20M funding
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Unlikely AI — an Artificial Intelligence startup located in London — received $20 million in seed funding. This follows a $1.1 million angel round that was only open to investors in October 2020.

Amadeus Capital Partners, Octopus Ventures, and other investors including Jaan Tallinn’s Metaplanet participated in the round. It was oversubscribed and co-led by Octopus Ventures and Amadeus Capital Partners.
After the round, many prominent investors joined Tunstall-Pedoe’s funding round. These include Barak Berkowitz, a Silicon Valley executive and member of Cambridge Angels; Patrick Pichette, former CFO of Google and current Twitter board member; and Christopher North. Additionally, Berkowitz became a company board member after completing the round.

Expansion And Growth Plans

This startup will use the funding to further develop their unique artificial intelligence system and grow their team.

Unlikely AI founder William Tunstall-Pedoe said his excitement about the company’s new investors. He said, “We are delighted to partner with our new investors, and we are thankful for the opportunity this financing has given us to grow Unlikely AI and its technology.”
William Lewis has the knowledge and experience needed to build a large, valuable company. Consequently, Amelia Armor — Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners and new Unlikely AI board member — commented that she was excited to support William in his latest venture. She believed that Unlikely AI had the potential to affect many industries and even declared that it could become a global business of great value.

William’s pedigree and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence is unrivaled. Octopus Ventures invested in Evi Technologies early on thanks to Titan fund, which was one of the venture capital firm’s first investments. Simon King, partner at Octopus Ventures, expressed his excitement to work with William again. He said: “Evi Technologies was one of the first investments made by Titan fund, which is what we refer to as our VC firm’s ‘superpower.’ A decade after its success, we are even happier to work with William and his team as they develop another world-changing idea.”

Founded By Alexa Developer

William Tunstall-Pedoe founded Unlikely AI in 2018 in London. Before founding this company, Tunstall-Pedoe worked on the development of Amazon Alexa. He created Evi Technologies, which developed a voice assistant with the ability to understand languages and answer questions. Amazon subsequently acquired Evi Technologies and used its work to launch Alexa.

The company showcases its artificial intelligence capabilities through an AI named Ross. Ross can solve cryptic crossword puzzles through the use of a camera on a device. This allows Ross to read crosswords found in newspapers, and then it can solve them using machine vision. As of now, the company hasn’t announced any upcoming projects. However, the website shows Ross on their site showcasing its abilities.


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