United Robots from UK introduces AI-powered industrial cleaning robots designed for expansive and densely populated environments

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United Robots from UK introduces AI-powered industrial cleaning robots designed for expansive and densely populated environments
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London-based startup United Robots, specializing in deep tech, has revealed its lineup of autonomous industrial cleaning robots. The company garnered backing from investors including Aper Ventures to facilitate the creation and implementation of these robotic solutions.

The company asserts that these robots are engineered to clean expansive and densely populated areas while prioritizing human safety. Equipped with sophisticated AI detection capabilities for seamless navigation, they are capable of cleaning an expanse equivalent to two football fields on a single charge.

“Our robots exhibit remarkable efficiency and dependability, but their true advantage lies in their seamless collaboration with humans in bustling environments, in real-time,” states Dariusz Mankowski, CEO and co-founder of United Robots. “We’ve reimagined the conventional machinery, empowering each robot to pivot in place, rendering it the most agile autonomous scrubber on the market.”

Founded in 2016, United Robots has been dedicated to creating self-sufficient robots for industrial cleaning. Its recent breakthroughs were engineered by a team of skilled engineers, led by former Mars rover engineer Konrad Cop.

Enhancing Employee Safety

In warehouse environments, slips, trips, and falls rank as the most prevalent causes of injuries, according to data from the American National Safety Council. A significant portion of these incidents, around thirty percent, are attributed to spills and debris. These accidents not only lead to human suffering but also result in the suspension of cleaning operations, in turn causing financial losses for companies.

The introduction of autonomous cleaning robots by United Robots offers a solution to this challenge, enabling warehouses to maintain cleanliness and safety without disrupting ongoing operations. Furthermore, these robots can help companies avoid the expense of hiring additional labor during non-standard working hours.

Powered by advanced AI systems, these robots prevent cleaning overlaps and contribute to the conservation of valuable resources such as water, detergents, and energy. This sustainable cleaning approach has the potential to substantially reduce maintenance costs for warehouses and manufacturing sites by up to 85 percent.

Piotr Sławski, Managing Partner at Aper Ventures, comments, “Our investment in these floor scrubbing robots signifies a shift in the way machines complement human tasks instead of disrupting them. It demonstrates that deep tech solutions can provide answers for warehouse, automotive, and manufacturing managers grappling with staffing shortages.”

Having undergone rigorous testing in Poland, Europe’s fourth-largest warehouse supply market, these robots are now poised for launch in the UK and Germany. This expansion heralds a new era of enhanced safety, operational efficiency, and resource conservation in industrial environments.

Diverse Industrial Cleaning Expertise

In a prior collaboration, United Robots established a partnership with Dussmann, a prominent facility management company with a global presence spanning over 30 countries.

Through this partnership, the robot manufacturer introduced cutting-edge cleaning technology to one of Dussmann’s clients, resulting in the deployment of robots to enhance the daily tasks of employees in an industrial automation factory.

The collaboration also encompassed the setup of two docking stations, essential for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the cleaning robots. These docking stations play a pivotal role in recharging the robots’ batteries and replenishing their detergents and water supply.


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