Top EdTech Startups from Germany to watch in 2023

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Top EdTech Startups from Germany to watch in 2023
©  StudySmarter

Top EdTech Startups from Germany: While Germany has traditionally been renowned for its automotive and technological innovations, it’s increasingly gaining recognition for its burgeoning EdTech scene. Within this sector, startups are addressing a broad range of educational requirements, spanning from early childhood education to lifelong learning and skills enhancement.

Whether you’re an individual seeking language proficiency, personalized learning experiences, an aspiring legal professional honing your skills, or a company in search of corporate training solutions, Germany’s EdTech Startups have tailored offerings to meet your specific needs.

In addition to their pioneering contributions to the education sector, many of these startups are actively expanding their teams. They are on the lookout for individuals who share a passion for education and technology, eager to harness this talent to propel their growth.

For job seekers, educators, and investors alike, these promising companies are worth close attention. They are not only shaping the future of education but also creating opportunities for employment and investment in the process.



©  Speexx

Founder/s: Jörg Koberling, Freddy Ertl, Armin Hopp

Hiring status: Yes | Apply here

About Speexx

Speexx is a cutting-edge digital platform for professional development, specifically designed to empower large organizations in unlocking the full potential of their workforce. This comprehensive solution encompasses digital language training, business coaching, and skill assessment for all employees.

Leveraging advanced A.I technology and a global network of certified top coaches, this German company has successfully aided over 1,500 organizations across the globe in enhancing language proficiency and availing themselves of invaluable business coaching services.


©  Jurafuchs

Founder/s: Christian Leupold-Wendling, Steffen Schebesta, Dr. Wendelin Neubert

Hiring Status: No

About Jurafuchs

Jurafuchs is dedicated to democratizing legal education and simplifying exam preparation for future lawyers through its learning apps available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The platform offers concise legal microlearning content, covering textbook cases and contemporary case law. It enhances the learning experience through gamification and interactive elements. Additionally, users can engage with the material by asking comprehension questions within the in-app forum, receiving responses within 48 hours.


©  CoachHub

Founder/s: Matti Niebelschuetz, Yannis Niebelsch

Hiring status: Yes | Apply here

About CoachHub

CoachHub is a digital coaching platform committed to enabling organizations to develop customized, trackable, and scalable coaching initiatives suitable for employees at all levels and across various departments.

This German platform boasts a vast global network of coaches, comprising over 3,500 certified business coaches spanning 90 countries across six continents. Moreover, CoachHub offers coaching sessions in over 60 languages.

Catering to a diverse clientele of over 1,000 organizations worldwide, CoachHub’s coaching programs are grounded in exclusive scientific research and development from the company’s Innovation Lab.


©  StudySmarter

Founder/s: Christian Felgenhauer, Maurice Khudhir, Till Söhlemann, and Simon Hohentanne

Hiring status: Yes | Apply here

About StudySmarter

StudySmarter is a spin-off of TU Munich and LMU Munich. This German platform possesses the ability to transform various forms of text and content into dynamic, interactive courses, largely driven by the application of natural language processing.

This innovative tool serves a broad audience, including students, professionals, and content creators, by automating the generation of educational materials like lecture notes and summaries. Beyond this, it also produces flashcards, devises study plans, identifies and prioritizes knowledge gaps, and establishes study calendars, all tailored to individual exam dates and more.


©  Beelinguapp

Founder/s: David Montiel

Hiring status: No

About Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp offers a unique language learning experience akin to a Karaoke Audiobook. This innovative tool presents text in two distinct languages, side by side, and synchronizes it with audio narration. It additionally features a karaoke-style animation for both languages.

Users can follow along in the language they are learning while having the text in their native language as a reference point. This approach, devised by the German company, seamlessly merges language acquisition and content consumption, enabling users to master any language through their preferred stories, news articles, music, and other engaging materials.


©  Likeminded

Founder/s: Kimberly Breuer, Maximilian Heberger, Stefan Anca

Hiring status: Yes | Apply here

About Likeminded

Likeminded’s digital platform is designed to provide personalized assistance to corporate employees, addressing the pressing issues of overwork and burnout.

This German company offers employees swift, user-friendly, and secure access to an array of top-notch mental health care options. These include one-on-one sessions with psychotherapists, coaches, and psychologists, as well as webinars, group sessions, on-demand resources, and more.

The platform is dedicated to tackling the mounting concerns surrounding employee well-being and mental health, recognizing these as substantial challenges in today’s corporate landscape.


©  Owwn

Founder/s: Bastian Krautwald

Hiring status: No

About Owwn

Owwn marks a pioneering venture as Europe’s inaugural social banking app that seamlessly merges banking, community engagement, and educational resources into a single, comprehensive platform. The team’s overarching mission is to empower the younger generation, aptly referred to as “OWWNers,” by granting them greater control over their financial growth and development.


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