Austrian Company Storyblok experiences Expansion in the US and prepares to establish dedicated US Entity

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Austrian Company Storyblok experiences Expansion in the US and prepares to establish dedicated US Entity
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Storyblok, headquartered in Austria and renowned for its headless content management system (CMS) that enhances digital content experiences, has revealed a substantial growth in its footprint within the United States. This expansion highlights the United States as the company’s most rapidly advancing global market.

To leverage the ongoing surge in the US market, Storyblok is planning to establish a dedicated US entity by January 2024. Furthermore, the company has intentions to create a specialized UK entity later in the same year.

Julia Doria, US Sales Director at Storyblok, points out, “Our research reveals that 75% of US businesses have witnessed enhanced KPIs, revenue growth, and productivity after transitioning to a composable, headless CMS. Despite these positive metrics, only 22% of US businesses are currently utilizing a headless CMS for their content operations.”

She adds, “The potential in this market is substantial, and our current success provides us with a strong foundation to assist companies in crafting improved digital experiences.”

Dominik Angerer, Co-founder and CEO of Storyblok, emphasizes, “Even in a challenging economic environment, our rapid expansion in the US underscores that businesses recognize the value of investing in composable content management, which ultimately results in cost savings.”

He further mentions, “Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study, revealing that Storyblok yielded a remarkable 582% ROI over a three-year period and recouped its investment in under six months. Such results will continue to drive our growth both in the US and on the international stage.”

Amidst its global expansion, the Austrian company maintains its distinctive fully remote work culture, with over 230 employees collaborating across 45 different countries.

Enabling Modern Content Operations for US Industries

Storyblok offers a versatile platform that empowers both developers and marketing teams to enhance content experiences across a diverse array of digital channels.

Utilizing a headless CMS architecture, the startup provides developers with the flexibility to build a wide range of applications, seamlessly distribute content, and integrate with various services and technologies.

For marketing teams, Storyblok presents a user-friendly visual editing interface, collaborative tools, and customized publishing workflows, empowering them to independently create and expand content experiences.

By leveraging Storyblok, businesses can enhance digital experiences holistically, delivering high-performance, personalized interactions, and optimized omnichannel storytelling.

Numerous industries in the United States have embraced Storyblok to modernize their content operations. Renowned names on this expanding list include DIRECTV, Crunchyroll, Red Ventures, DW Drums, AppFolio, and BlackLine Systems.

Additionally, the company’s partner network features prominent U.S. tech companies like Netlify and BigCommerce, as well as agencies such as, CI&T, and Royal Cyber.


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