Salsa, an innovative payroll startup, raises $10 million in funding

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Salsa, an innovative payroll startup, raises $10 million in funding
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Salsa, an emerging FinTech disruptor revolutionizing payroll systems, has secured a significant $10 million in funding through a successful recent funding round.

The startup has introduced a cutting-edge solution that allows software platforms to effortlessly incorporate payroll functionalities into their own products, delivering a seamless and efficient experience for their customers.

Notable investors such as Greycroft, Better Tomorrow Ventures, and Definition led this funding round, joined by a diverse range of investors including Cambrian’s Rex Salisbury, Forum Ventures, and prominent founders from different sectors like Oz Alon (CEO of HoneyBook), Avlok Kohli (CEO of AngelList), and Jess Mah (co-founder of inDinero), among others.

The groundbreaking approach empowers software platforms to integrate a revenue-generating payroll solution directly into their offerings, providing customers with a comprehensive platform to manage their businesses and employees. By leveraging Salsa’s APIs, software applications across various industries, from local cafes to small business neobanks and trucking companies’ freight management systems, can seamlessly integrate payroll capabilities.

The recently secured funding will be allocated towards advancing product development and expanding the Salsa team. Salsa’s ultimate goal is to simplify processes for software platforms by taking charge of compliance, calculations, tax filing, and fund transfers. This enables software applications to concentrate on enhancing the payroll experience for business owners.

Led by industry experts in financial software, including former executives from HoneyBook and Intuit’s QuickBooks Payroll, the accomplished Salsa team has already achieved noteworthy milestones. Over the past two years, they have been diligently constructing a forward-looking infrastructure, providing developers with a more accessible solution.


John Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Salsa, expressed, “We are simplifying the process of building a payroll product for the very first time. This will lead to an abundance of improved choices for businesses: modern tools that cater to the needs of today’s workforce. With Salsa, any developer can envision an enhanced experience and launch it within a month.”

Their distinctive approach has garnered investors’ confidence, as they see the potential for it to revolutionize the largely stagnant landscape of business software. Will Szczerbiak, Partner at Greycroft, commended Salsa’s innovative solution, affirming that the team is “reshaping the business landscape.”

At present, the payroll startup provides its services to software platforms serving businesses in the United States and Canada. The company generates revenue by taking a percentage of the profits that software companies earn from their payroll product offerings.


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