Digitizing Notaries: Austrian LegalTech Startup Notarity Expands Into Germany

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Digitizing Notaries: Austrian LegalTech Startup Notarity Expands Into Germany
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Notarity.com, the Austrian startup, is poised for expansion into Germany after a successful first year, during which it processed 10,000 notarial acts.

In an official statement, the legal tech startup announces its entry into the German market, just 15 months after its initial launch. Collaborating with both German and Austrian notaries, notarity.com now extends its online platform to provide country-specific notarial services in Germany.

Plenty of business with foreign countries

The platform offering internationally valid online notary services, has observed significant interest from Germany, where one in three users already originates. The company has successfully facilitated transactions for individuals and businesses hailing from approximately 100 countries. With Germany as the primary foreign market, notarity.com aims to expand its services to other nations as well.

“We have established partnerships with a quarter of Austrian notary’s offices and have been providing internationally recognized online notary services for some time now. The response, especially from Germany, has been incredibly positive. Moving forward, we are excited to offer Germany-specific notarial services, including commercial register applications, company address changes, signature certifications, and powers of attorney,” stated Jakobus Schuster, the CEO and founder of notarity.com.


Achieving 10,000 Certifications in its Inaugural Year

According to notarity’s data, within the first year of its establishment in 2021, over 10,000 documents were successfully notarized. Presently, notaries are processing “150 to 200 new certifications online every day,” as stated by Schuster.

Big Investment in April

Just recently in April, the startup accomplished a significant milestone by raising a million-dollar investment in its latest financing round. As per the company’s statements, this funding has propelled it to become the most valued legal tech startup in Austria. The seven-digit investment came from a notable group of investors, including Bernhard Niesner (Busuu), Reinhold Baudisch (durchblicker), Gerhard Hinterkörner (Tante Fanny), and Alfred Karl (Alka), among others.


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