Shamrock Ventures invests €550K in Dutch-based Meteory’s Funding Round

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Shamrock Ventures invests €550K in Dutch-based Meteory's Funding Round
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Meteory, a Dutch SaaS startup specializing in utilizing satellite data to monitor crucial environmental shifts, has successfully raised €550K in a pre-seed funding round.

Shamrock Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in sustainable technology investments, led the funding round, which amounted to €10M in pre-seed and early-seed impact funds. Shamrock Ventures focuses on sectors like circular economy, cleantech, sustainable mobility, and food & agritech.

Joining the round were Le Stud, a European startup studio, as well as HEARTFELT_/APX, Campus Fund, and undisclosed experienced Angel investors.

Tommy Hurley, Managing Partner at Shamrock Ventures, expressed enthusiasm for Meteory’s innovative approach to environmental sustainability, stating, “Meteory’s innovative approach to environmental sustainability is exactly the kind of investment opportunity we look for.” Hurley further emphasized their belief in the potential of Meteory’s technology to expedite progress toward carbon neutrality, and their commitment to supporting the company’s growth and success.

A Platform for Monitoring and Analyzing Carbon-related Matters

Governments and businesses must take immediate action to transition to a decarbonized and more sustainable future. This necessitates in-depth knowledge and understanding of the carbon cycle and other environmental indicators.

The startup aims to play a pivotal role in this endeavor. Co-founded by Alexandre Larroumets and Pierre Blanchet, Meteory leverages machine learning and data analytics algorithms to help businesses and organizations gain better insights into their environmental impact and identify areas for improvement.

By providing comprehensive solutions, Meteory empowers consumers to stay informed about their evolving environmental landscape, enabling them to track, plan, and analyze their environmental footprint.

“Our mission is to integrate environmental data into every decision-making process, offering crucial insights to businesses, governments, and individuals, enabling them to make informed choices,” says Meteory.


The company facilitates its partners in monitoring environmental indicators through decades’ worth of archived data, offering high-frequency and high-resolution insights. This capability enables nations to monitor their progress toward carbon neutrality while identifying opportunities and potential challenges within their borders.

Armed with this data, decision-makers can formulate precise and reliable action plans, driving tangible progress towards sustainability.

“To ensure accurate results, we employ a combination of public and private satellite data sources. Additionally, we collaborate with ground data providers to enhance the reliability of our solutions,” explains the company.

Funding Usage

Meteory has announced its intention to utilize the raised funds to expedite the development of its software platform and broaden its commercial offerings. The company aims to spearhead a new era of environmental awareness.

Alexandre Larroumets, Co-founder of Meteory, emphasizes the significance of obtaining this funding by highlighting the growing need for real-time environmental insights. He affirms Meteory’s unwavering commitment to relentless innovation, reshaping our understanding and interaction with the environment. Larroumets believes that this investment round validates their pursuit of making a substantial impact in this field.


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