Octopus Ventures Funds Little Journey App with £2.5m Helping Children Worldwide Combat Pre-Surgery Stress and Anxiety

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Little Journey
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Octopus Ventures has led a £2.5m funding round that has resulted in the closure of Little Journey, an app designed to assist children and families in preparing for surgery. Created by anaesthetist Dr. Chris Evans in 2018, the app features animated characters that explain the upcoming procedure to young users, helping to alleviate stress during the pre-surgery period.

Additionally, the app contains games to occupy children while waiting in the hospital, as well as content for families explaining what the patient will experience and what the following steps will entail. Dr. Evans co-founded Little Journey after firsthand experience with distressed children and families during his time as a physician.

Little Journey offers customization options based on the user’s age, condition, and hospital. Participating hospitals have the ability to select specific content to be displayed on the app, allowing for increased personalization. Dr. Evans stated that the app aims to improve the hospital experience for children and provide personalized care using data-driven techniques. He also expressed excitement that the recent investment will enable Little Journey to support more children undergoing a variety of procedures worldwide.

Octopus Ventures Partner, Joe Stringer, praised the team at Little Journey for creating a platform that not only benefits children but also reduces costs for hospitals that offer pediatric care and streamlines the development of new and improved treatments. The London-based company secured its most recent round of funding in February 2022, receiving £1.5m from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund.


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