Interview with Sophia Tran | Business Angel & Founder Spotlight! Ventures

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Interview with Sophia Tran | Business Angel & Founder Spotlight! Ventures
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Dear Sophia, please introduce yourself – Who are you, Where are you from and what is your Background ?

My name is Sophia Tran, I helped set up the startup incubator and accelerator DIGITALHUB.DE, which invests in early-stage tech start-ups. Before that, I gained experience at Telekom’s international in-house management consultancy, later at the luxury group LVMH and then in a business publisher. In 2012 I published the online lifestyle magazine SMOKEY CATS.

Privately, I am involved as a business angel and investor and support up-and-coming digital start-ups. I also travel the world to learn about new trends and innovations, speak and moderate at international tech conferences and am particularly known as a tech influencer on social networks, through my blog and on television.

How did you become a Founder and what was the Motivation for it?

To be honest, I was always a very security-conscious person who also liked to be in my comfort zone. And yet I always had the entrepreneurial gene in me, so I started my online magazine ten years ago because I wanted to have my own “thing” in addition to my permanent position

Ultimately, though, the key point was that I’ve advised so many startups over the past five years and I’ve always said they have to take risks. However, I myself was still in permanent employment, which somehow doesn’t add up when I’m teaching a different mindset. So I decided to become 100% self-employed in order to be much more flexible and to be able to carry out my projects from anywhere in the world – exactly how I always wanted to.

What is the Name of your Startup / Company and what exactly do you do?

Spotlight! Ventures is an investment platform for technology and digital companies. We invest in courageous founders and teams with passion, ambition, willingness to take risks, determination and innovative ideas. We give startups a stage and accompany them on their way: from Zero to Hero! 

The subsidiary company Spotlight! is a service company with many years of experience supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in Europe and around the world. Operating at the intersection of technology, ingenuity and originality, we focus on the digital lifestyle and support in startups, brands and related technologies.  Our goal is to support early-stage startups in their search for capital and to connect them with the right investors and financiers.

Where should the Journey with your Startup go and where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

I wish that Spotlight! and Spotlight! Ventures can support as many early-stage startups as possible and make them big. My hope is that the startups will quickly raise capital and that interest will also increase among people who have not yet invested in startups. On the journey over the next few years, I would like to continue working on myself and continue my education.

What tips can you give young Founders?

Never give up on you and always stay true to you. You’ll keep falling, then stand up with your head held high and keep going: stronger, faster, and more focused.

What is your favorite Quote or your own Quote?

Done is better than perfect 🙂 And there’s no such thing as “impossible”!

Your Book recommendation for young Founders:

Founders do not have a lot of time, thats why I recommend the app Blinkist or these podcasts (a selection):

A bit of optimism 
– The Life Coach School Podcast 
Youpreneur: The Profitable Personal Brand Expert Business! 
The Mind Your Business 
The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett 
Startups For the Rest of Us 
How I built this 
The Tim Ferriss Show 

THANK YOU for the great Insights in your Entrepreneurial Journey !






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