Instruqt collects a €15M Series A from Blossom Capital

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Instruqt collects a €15M Series A from Blossom Capital
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Instruqt has announced that it has successfully raised €15 million in Series A funding, led by Blossom Capital.

The company is transforming the way tech professionals learn new technologies through interactive product experiences.

Since its launch, Instruqt has hosted over 1.6 million training and sales demos, built by more than 2,000 active content creators and reaching over a million engaged prospects and learners. Its customer base includes some of the biggest names and unicorns in the software and product-led growth industry, such as RedHat, MongoDB, Datadog, and HashiCorp. Instruqt has been instrumental in transforming their sales, enablement, onboarding, and training processes.

The funding will enable Instruqt to continue innovating and expanding its offerings to better serve its customers. The company is grateful for the trust and support of its customers and investors and looks forward to a bright future in the industry.

The platform is used by these global tech leaders to:

  • Create self-service demos and free test drives to engage prospects
  • Improve lead generation by providing interactive product education
  • Conduct live workshops and sales demos to convert prospects into customers
  • Deliver self-paced tutorials to customers for onboarding and training purposes
  • Facilitate onboarding and upskilling of internal tech teams

Founded in 2018, Instruqt was initially supported and incubated by Xebia, a digital software and services company headquartered in the Netherlands known for its innovative and entrepreneurial approach. Xebia has successfully incubated spin-offs such as XebiaLabs, which was sold in 2017, Stackstate, and Instruqt.


Coert Baart, the CEO of Instruqt, expressed his pride in the company’s success to date, which has been achieved by delivering real value to customers. As Instruqt was bootstrapped from day one, it was crucial to find a venture capitalist who understood the company’s vision in order to take external funding. With the support and networks of Blossom, Instruqt can take its business to the next level and beyond.

Ophelia Brown, founder and Managing Partner at Blossom Capital, said, “Instruqt hits the sweet spot for buyers and sellers alike when it comes to tackling the key challenges faced in all sizes and sectors of business. Its growth is a testament to how important putting products and software features at the heart of your business strategy can be. We’re delighted to not only be investing in this round but to be the startup’s first venture partner.”

Ade Mochtar, Co-Founder and CTO of Instruqt, stated that getting people to adopt new technology is becoming increasingly difficult, despite the fact that software is taking over the world. Instruqt aims to change this, and the funding received will help to accelerate the platform’s development. Instruqt aims to become the go-to solution for product adoption and employee onboarding for software vendors and enterprises.

The startup team, investors, and customers have all played a crucial role in the company’s journey so far. Ade Mochtar thanked them for their support and expressed excitement about what lies ahead for the company beyond the Series A funding round.

About Instruqt

With Instruqt, creating interactive demos, workshops, and training that simulate real product experiences is now easier than ever. This platform offers software companies an immersive, authentic way to educate and sell to modern buyers and users. Top-tier companies such as Hashicorp, MongoDB, Red Hat, Okta, Datadog, and many others have used Instruqt to generate millions of dollars in pipeline and account expansion.

Since its launch in 2018, Instruqt has hosted over 1.6 million training and sales demos. More than a million prospects and learners have engaged with content created by over 2,000 active content creators. The platform has proven to be an effective tool for companies looking to boost engagement and increase revenue.

About Blossom Capital

Blossom Capital has established itself as the biggest dedicated Series A fund in Europe with a reputation for its strong belief in and commitment to the most forward-thinking founders in the region. Its high-conviction strategy leverages both local networks and global connections, providing an undeniable advantage for visionary founders across various industries such as enterprise SaaS, developer tools and open source, marketplaces, consumer internet, cybersecurity, and crypto. Blossom Capital’s portfolio includes successful ventures such as Moonpay, Pigment,, and Tines. To learn more, visit their website at


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