Glass collects $3M in Seed Funding

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Glass collects $3M in Seed Funding
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San Francisco-based Glass, an ecommerce startup catering to government agencies, has secured $3 million in funding.

The investment round was spearheaded by New Age Capital, with additional contributions from Newtopia VC, Alcove Capital, SV Links, Kittyhawk Ventures, One Planet VC, Worldgate Group, Alchemist Accelerator, and Tubbs Ventures.

The startup, led by its Founder and CEO, Paola Santana, plans to utilize the funds to expedite the adoption of Glass Commerce. Glass Commerce is an e-commerce platform that facilitates lawful transactions between verified vendors, including small businesses, and government buyers without the need for bids or paperwork. The company streamlines all transactions, commencing with small purchases.

Starting from 2020, the company has aided government agencies in acquiring more than 5.8 million items from verified enterprises by utilizing procurement data and simplifying operations for 31 Federal, State, and Local agencies, such as the State of Illinois and the City of Seattle.

Moreover, the startup has enlisted the expertise of a panel of advisors consisting of Jim Williams, Steve Yankovich, Will Clarke, Marc Shillum, and Dr. Yvonne Cagle, in addition to the secured funds.


About Glass

Glass is a Silicon Valley based leading provider of e-commerce solutions for government agencies. Its pioneering product, Glass Commerce, powers government marketplaces for small purchases, which represents a market worth $800 billion in the US and $3.7 trillion globally. The company’s innovative approach has transformed the government procurement process, enabling clients to procure over 5.5 million items from verified businesses across 22 Federal, State, and Local agencies.

Their groundbreaking work has garnered significant recognition, including a spot on GovCIO’s Top 10 e-Governance Solutions, a nomination for SXSW’s Top 5 Startup of the Year, and coverage in Bloomberg News, Business Insider, and Crunchbase.

They are committed to revolutionizing the government procurement landscape and envisions a future where agile procurement processes are the norm. The company is proud to be leading the way towards this goal.


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