Novak Djokovic invests millions in Vienna scale-up company waterdrop

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Novak Djokovic and Waterdrop
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Vienna-based DrinkTech scale-up, waterdrop, has attracted a new and prominent investor in the form of tennis player Novak Djokovic. This comes about a year after the company successfully collected 60 million euros in a financing round. Djokovic has made a significant seven-figure investment in the company, and will also serve as a long-term brand ambassador for waterdrop. This investment is a testament to the potential and growth of the company, and with Djokovic’s help, waterdrop is sure to reach new heights in the industry.

Waterdrop aims to combat plastic bottle pollution with innovative solutions

Vienna-based company, waterdrop, has been working on the beverage market since 2016, with a mission to make drinks in plastic bottles obsolete. They began by developing effervescent cubes, and have now evolved into a tech developer, with the introduction of “Lucy”, a bottle cap with UV-C technology that purifies water and reminds users to drink regularly through an app that tracks water consumption. The company’s focus on reducing plastic bottle waste is a major reason for Novak Djokovic’s involvement as an investor and brand ambassador.

“Being a professional athlete isn’t just about talent and training, it’s also about the choices you make for your body. A healthy lifestyle includes drinking enough water without having to compromise on the environment. I believe that by working together we are making a real contribution and all plastic bottles on the [ATP World] Tour can abolish,” Djokovic said about his investment in waterdrop, emphasizing the importance of reducing plastic bottle waste in the sports industry. With the help of Djokovic’s involvement, waterdrop is well-positioned to continue to develop innovative solutions to fight plastic bottle pollution.


Waterdrop plans to expand its presence in the sports industry

Prior to this partnership, Waterdrop has launched a new product, Microlyte, which is a sports drink in the form of a dissolvable cube. This beverage is enhanced with five electrolytes and nine vitamins, and claims to be free of sugar and caffeine. The dissolvable cube shape is intended to minimize can and bottle waste. By partnering with Djokovic, the company aims to expand its presence in the sports industry. The company already sponsors US tennis players Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz.


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