Belgium’s Cowboy introduces Bikey App to aid VanMoof Bicycle Riders during Financial Challenges

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Belgium's Cowboy introduces Bikey App to aid VanMoof Bicycle Riders during Financial Challenges
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On Thursday, July 13, Brussels-based e-bike company Cowboy made an announcement regarding the launch of the Bikey App. This free application has been developed to provide assistance to VanMoof bike riders during the financial difficulties faced by the Dutch company.

Cowboy’s website expresses the motivation behind the project, stating, “This endeavor stems from the passionate software team at Cowboy, who have a profound belief that every bike deserves to be out on the road. This firm conviction inspired us to undertake the development of this project.”


About Cowboy

The Bikey App, currently in its Beta phase, empowers VanMoof riders to generate their unique digital key, granting them access to their VanMoof e-bike’s settings.

To ensure uninterrupted access to their bicycles, VanMoof riders are advised to secure their key promptly, as server outages may significantly hinder key retrieval, potentially resulting in complete loss of access.

At present, the Bikey App is compatible with the widely used VanMoof e-bike models, specifically the S3 and X3. However, the Belgian company has plans to extend support to the new S5 and A5 e-bikes in the near future.

While the beta version of the app is exclusively available for iOS devices, an Android beta version will be released soon. The app startup assures users that no information, including email addresses, is shared beyond the confines of the application.

A spokesperson informed TechCrunch, “Our dedicated software team worked tirelessly to develop this app, and although it is in beta, users may encounter some bugs. However, we were determined to release it as soon as possible, as it will function seamlessly as long as the VanMoof servers are operational.”

On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

Amsterdam-based VanMoof recently took steps to secure its financial stability by seeking legal protection from the Dutch court. As a result of its challenging situation, the company has temporarily suspended the sales of bikes and accessories.

On July 12, the district court of Amsterdam approved VanMoof’s request for a (preliminary) payment suspension (surseance van betaling) and appointed two administrators to oversee the process.


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