Discover Genuine Connections With Bumble’s Brand New BFF App

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Discover Genuine Connections With Bumble's Brand New BFF App
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Bumble has introduced an innovative app named “Bumble For Friends,” expanding on the success of their primary dating platform’s “BFF Mode.” This new platonic friendship-making app aims to facilitate meaningful connections among users looking to forge genuine friendships.

Bumble unveiled its latest offering – an app called “Bumble For Friends,” designed exclusively for forging platonic friendships. Building upon the success of their core dating app’s “BFF Mode,” this new platform follows a similar structure to the original app.

Users can create profiles showcasing personal information, including pictures, hobbies, and the type of friends they wish to meet. By swiping through other profiles, users can express their interest or lack thereof.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble’s founder and CEO, emphasized the importance of self-love and friendships for overall well-being, particularly in a time when feelings of loneliness and isolation are widespread. The dedicated Bumble For Friends app provides an ideal solution for those seeking meaningful platonic connections in their vicinity, separate from the dating experience.

To cater to users who prefer not to download the dating app but seek meaningful friendships, the startup has launched the stand-alone app, “Bumble For Friends.” Since introducing the friendship-making feature in 2016, Bumble has witnessed up to 15% of monthly active members engaging in the BFF mode. This mode proves particularly popular for individuals experiencing life changes or relocating to new cities, as it offers opportunities for connection.


A distinctive feature of the app is the facilitation of group chats and meetups. Members can opt for suggested activities like coffee meetings or game nights from a provided list or create their own plans. By inviting at least two other matches, they can form a group chat, where all participants can collaborate in planning the details.

Currently available for free on the App Store and Google Play in select countries, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom, Bumble For Friends has plans to expand to more regions in the future. For those seeking enhanced features, a premium account option is available, offering increased opportunities to find meaningful connections.

Existing users utilizing BFF mode in the original app can log into the new Bumble For Friends app with their existing profiles. However, upon transitioning to the new app, the BFF functionality is no longer accessible in the dating-focused app. Nonetheless, the company assures users that there are no current plans to discontinue the BFF app entirely.

For several months now, Bumble has shifted its focus beyond merely facilitating romantic connections and is dedicated to creating a comprehensive ecosystem of love. As part of this mission, the company made an acquisition in May, taking over Official, an app designed to foster stronger relationships among couples through mood check-ins and date planning. The startup’s founder, Herd, discussed the research that highlighted a concerning rise in loneliness, posing a threat to people’s overall well-being and happiness.

Herd expressed her belief that acknowledging the world’s loneliness crisis and the prevailing toxic state of human interactions presents an opportunity for Bumble to play a meaningful role in healing some of these societal challenges through fostering better relationships. By leveraging their platform, the startup aims to contribute positively to people’s lives and address the pressing need for authentic connections.


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