German Digital Lending Platform auxmoney acquires majority Stake in Dutch Credit Platform Lender & Spender

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German Digital Lending Platform auxmoney acquires majority Stake in Dutch Credit Platform Lender & Spender
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auxmoney, a digital lending platform headquartered in Düsseldorf, revealed its acquisition of a majority stake in the Dutch credit platform Lender & Spender.

The announcement follows a year after the two companies initiated a partnership in June 2022.

Since establishing the partnership, the volume of new loans facilitated by Lender & Spender has grown more than fivefold.

Lender & Spender will retain its headquarters in Amsterdam and continue operating under its existing name within the Dutch market.

About Lender & Spender

Established in 2015 by Robert Leclercq and Huub van der Wart, Lender & Spender is a consumer loan provider that utilizes technology to offer customers loans at lower interest rates, while maintaining a customer-centric and transparent approach.

With an annual provision of approximately €200 million in consumer loans, Lender & Spender currently employs a workforce of 32 individuals.

Robert Leclercq, CEO and co-founder of Lender & Spender, expresses enthusiasm for the upcoming phase of their partnership, stating, “We eagerly anticipate the next stage of our collaboration. Over the past 12 months, our partnership with auxmoney has yielded substantial growth. We perceive abundant prospects within the Dutch market for further expansion, combining smart technology, customer-focused processes, and competitive financing.”

About auxmoney

Established in 2007 by Raffael Johnen, Philip Kamp, and Philipp Kriependorf, the German Company stands as a digital lending platform that offers swift and convenient credit access to private consumers and self-employed individuals. On the platform, both institutional investors and auxmoney directly invest in consumer loans.

Leveraging digital data-driven scoring technology and artificial intelligence (AI), the company holds a mission to advance and enhance financial inclusion.

Boudewijn Dierick, Managing Director of auxmoney Investments, expresses, “We take great pride in extending a warm welcome to Lender & Spender within the auxmoney group. With our dedicated team’s expertise and enthusiasm, Lender & Spender has achieved remarkable growth in the last year. As a key partner, we are excited about collaborating on upcoming expansion initiatives.”


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