AI-powered Adarga Secures €18.4M to Empower Organizations with Information Advantage

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AI-powered Adarga Secures €18.4M to Empower Organizations with Information Advantage
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Adarga, a London-based AI software platform, made a significant announcement on Thursday, revealing its successful completion of a new funding round totaling $20M (equivalent to approximately €18.4M). The funding was primarily led by BOKA Group.

With this substantial capital injection, Adarga is poised to expedite its growth while effectively addressing the pressing demands of defense, national security, and commercial organizations. The startup’s advanced AI software enables swift interpretation of the continuously expanding volume of global information sources, fulfilling a critical need in the market.

Rob Bassett Cross MC, the Founder and CEO of Adarga, expresses his delight regarding the successful funding acquisition, which will facilitate the ongoing development of their product and the realization of their mission. He emphasizes that attracting investment at this stage is a compelling testament to the critical necessity and overwhelming demand for their pioneering information intelligence tools, which significantly enhance decision-making processes.

Bassett further states, “I take immense pride in the shared sense of purpose that permeates our entire company, driving powerful AI innovation. This collective commitment strengthens our national security and enhances the resilience of our commercial customers in the face of today’s intricate threat landscape.”

Expertise in Information Intelligence: Adarga’s Specialization

Adarga, established by Rob Bassett Cross MC, is a specialized artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on information intelligence.

Through Adarga’s Knowledge Platform, organizations in the public and private sectors can harness invaluable insights from extensive repositories of internal and open-source information. By seamlessly connecting and analyzing millions of data points within a comprehensive contextual framework, Adarga empowers companies to gain a deep understanding of intricate data sets.

Enhanced with state-of-the-art interrogation tools, the Knowledge Platform offered by the company greatly expedites research, reporting, and situational analysis for analysts, researchers, and planners.

Its design prioritizes freeing up time for specialist human analysis while elevating output speed and quality. This capability empowers organizations to swiftly identify threats, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge.


The startup has witnessed substantial growth in the past year, nearly doubling in size. As a result, the company has expanded its operations into Australia and the USA, further extending its reach and impact.

While Adarga’s roots can be traced back to its involvement in defense and national security, the company has also achieved notable advancements in the broader public sector. It has successfully secured contracts with prominent multinational enterprises.

The knowledge platform of Adarga relies on cutting-edge technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and network science to deliver its capabilities. These underlying technologies form the foundation for the platform’s powerful data analysis and insights generation.

About the Investor

BOKA Group, headquartered in the United States, specializes in identifying and supporting category leaders in the deep tech sector, particularly those involved in groundbreaking technologies that drive advancements in military and commercial markets.

John James, the managing director of BOKA Group, expresses his appreciation for Adarga’s commitment to serving the world’s most discerning customers. Adarga provides essential strategic capabilities that meet the deep and mission-critical requirements of these customers in making sense of vast and disparate information. BOKA Group takes pride in supporting Adarga’s vital work as they lead the market with their exceptional AI technology, which sets them apart from other industry players.

About Adarga

Adarga is an AI software company that specializes in information intelligence. Their cutting-edge AI platform empowers organizations to extract valuable insights from vast repositories of internal and open-source data. By connecting and analyzing millions of data points within a contextual framework, Adarga enables companies to understand complex data sets and make informed decisions.

With a focus on defense, national security, and commercial sectors, their mission is to provide essential strategic capabilities that help organizations navigate the ever-growing volume of global information sources. Their advanced AI technology, fueled by natural language processing, machine learning, and network science, accelerates research, reporting, and situational analysis, enabling analysts, researchers, and planners to be more efficient and effective.

As a certified B Corporation, Adarga is committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. Their innovative solutions contribute to strengthening national security, mitigating risks, and driving competitiveness for their customers.


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