ACCURE Battery Intelligence from Germany secures €7.2M Funding to enhance Battery Asset Health Management for Companies

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ACCURE Battery Intelligence from Germany secures €7.2M Funding to enhance Battery Asset Health Management for Companies
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ACCURE Battery Intelligence, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, unveiled that it has successfully raised €7.2M in a fresh funding round. The company specializes in delivering holistic solutions for battery asset health management.

Led by Blue Bear Capital and HSBC Asset Management, in collaboration with Riverstone Ventures and Capnamic Ventures, the funding round marks a significant milestone for ACCURE Battery Intelligence.

The secured funds will serve to expedite the company’s expansion efforts and facilitate the provision of comprehensive solutions for battery asset health and monitoring to a diverse range of industries worldwide, encompassing energy, electric vehicles, transit, marine, insurance, and more.

Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, Co-Founder and CEO of ACCURE, asserts, “ACCURE is dedicated to enhancing battery safety, dependability, and longevity. Our predictive analytics software currently empowers over three gigawatt-hours of storage, averting numerous battery incidents. Most importantly, our clients can now rest assured, knowing that an impartial and reliable partner is safeguarding their systems to deliver safety and top-tier performance.”

ACCURE Battery Intelligence: Empowering Battery Asset Health Management

Founded by Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, Dr. Johannes Palmer, and Dr. Georg Angenendt, ACCURE is at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions to manage battery asset health. Their innovative approach assists companies in mitigating risk, enhancing performance, and optimizing the business potential of battery energy storage, electric vehicles, and various other applications.

Leveraging AI, field data, and advanced modeling, ACCURE’s predictive analytics platform identifies anomalies in battery cell behavior, offering an impartial third-party assessment of battery health. This technology empowers fleet operators and energy storage providers with enhanced control and valuable lead time to address critical issues, ensuring the secure operation of battery systems and their adherence to manufacturer specifications, thereby maximizing asset value.

The company’s achievements include preventing more than 50 battery incidents and significantly elevating the performance and output of utility-scale storage systems on a global scale. Presently, ACCURE supports over three GWh for clients worldwide, playing a pivotal role in optimizing the efficiency and safety of their battery systems.

About the Investors

“ACCURE’s advanced software is a game-changer in enhancing the safety, efficiency, and overall value of battery assets, playing a pivotal role in the worldwide expansion of renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles, and other battery-dependent infrastructures,” states Dr. Carolin Funk, Partner at Blue Bear Capital.

“In the era where energy and mobility are leading the way towards industry electrification on a global scale, we are thrilled to support ACCURE in scaling their battery intelligence platform,” adds Christophe Defert, Head of Climate Technology Investments at HSBC Asset Management. “As the world’s reliance on batteries continues to surge across homes, businesses, vehicles, and electric grids, the imperative for safety and reliability has never been more critical.”


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