Zumper raised additional $30M to launch short-term rental marketplace

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Zumper, one of the largest privately owned rental marketplaces in North America, has scored an additional $30 million in Series D funding, which takes its total funding to $178 million. The round was led by Kleiner Perkins and it follows the $60 million funding in the initial Series D round that was secured back in early 2020.

Short-term rental option

Zumper recently announced the release of their short-term rental option. Making this announcement was a way for the company to address the issues faced by renters. With short-term options, Zumper offers people the ability to find new residences with ease. This is because Zumper’s short-term options directly addresses the problems renters typically face.

Other sites similar to Airbnb charge a fee for short-term bookings; Zumper does not. Instead, landlords can list their short-term or monthly rentals through Zumper’s rental marketplace.

Zumper CXO Shalin Amin stated that the brand’s aspiration is combined with a sense of reality. Their brand is for more than just trendsetters and digital nomads; it’s also for people in between leases or those without rental history. Many people use Zumper as a solution to their temporary housing needs. This includes construction workers, traveling nurses and disaster response teams. These people are critical to making the cities they relocate to flourish, according to Shalin Amin.

Zumper co-founder and CEO Anthemos Georgiades says the traditional short-term rental industry has too many high fees and too many different websites to search through. He believes a better option is a “comprehensive rental platform” that provides the easiest way to find the best short-term, monthly or long-term rentals. Georgiades says Zumper’s platform was specifically designed for the world we live in now— a world where flexibility is king.

Redefines rental industry

Zumper was co-founded by Anthemos Georgiades, Russell Middleton and Taylor Glass-Moore. The company’s mission is to redefine the rental industry by making apartment searches as easy as booking a hotel. Zumper accomplishes this by creating a rental marketplace that allows tenants to browse, tour and apply for leases all in one place. Consequently, the process of renting an apartment has become faster, easier and more trustworthy due to Zumper’s work.

Zumper provides property owners and multifamily operators with the tools they need to quickly fill vacancies. By connecting them to quality renters through their service, more vacancies can be filled.

Rental Real Estate Platform claims their industry-first product, PowerLeads AI, can predict which leases renters are likely to sign. This is done through the power of AI analyzing tenants’ habits and behaviors.


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