European Super Angels Club collaborates with Conda

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© Berthold Baurek-Karlic (ESAC) und Daniel Horak (Conda) | (c) Venionaire Capital / Conda

The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) is now investing through a digital platform built by Conda.

The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) – according to their own statements “Europe’s largest investor network” – and the local crowd investing pioneer Conda are working together. In the future, Conda crowd investors will be able to participate in ESAC investments within a certain framework. The background is a digitization step in the Investor:innen network, in which a solution was decided on by the crowd investing provider, which recently became independent again through a management buyout.

ESAC: “So far all Deals negotiated personally”

“So far we have negotiated all deals directly and personally and presented them to our members at internal events. Today, however, the network is too large to present and carry out all deals on the phone or physically. We looked at many digital solutions for our members and found an ideal partner in Conda – they have a lot of experience and are also well positioned throughout Europe,” explains ESAC President and Venionaire Capital Founder Berthold Baurek-Karlic in a press release. The network currently has 4,500 members.

Conda benefits from new EU Regulation

The digitization step also brings with it a new option for Conda users. “This gives our investors the opportunity to invest together with one of the most successful angel networks. In combination with the new EU regulation for crowd investing, we are creating completely new opportunities here. Because this allows us to place up to five million euros Europe-wide after the license has been granted by the FMA,” explains Conda Founder and Managing Director Daniel Horak. The professional investors would in turn increase their chances of lucrative exits. To start with, there will now be an ESAC investment round of between one and ten million euros, in which Conda investors can subsequently participate.

Source: DerBrutkasten


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