Wisk Aero unveils self-flying electric air taxi after raising $450M funding

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Wisk Aero unveils self-flying electric air taxi after raising $450M funding
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California-based Wisk Aero introduced the world’s first self-flying all-electric four-passenger vertical takeoff and landing air taxi. Called a Wisk Aero, the company is an Advanced Air Mobility company that pioneered autonomous electric flight.

The Wisk AG 6th Generation air taxi is praised by The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation for being built to exceed commercial safety standards.
Wisk partnered with Boeing, giving them a competitive advantage over other air taxi companies. Boeing is known for its expertise in creating new aircraft, manufacturing large quantities and certifying them. Many other companies around the world are working on this same project.


Wisk claims their 6th Generation aircraft is an improved version of their previous five generations of eVTOL aircraft. The 6th gen aircraft has a speed of 120 knots and a range of 90 miles or 144 kilometers- with reserves.

The 2,500 – 4,000 ft flight altitude can be achieved by autonomously operating the 4-seater electric flight. Additionally, human oversight is present for the flight, which can fly between the two altitudes.

Design Aspects

The 6th-Gen Wisk air taxi features a proprietary 12- propeller and boom configuration. Its heli includes more efficient systems than previous generations.

Wisk Aero claims that their tilting units in front of the wing and fixed units of the wing are the best for range, flight performance, and energy management. They claim that using these units improves aircraft control and range.

The popularity of the earlier version led to a larger and more complex successor. With its angular wing design, increased size and number of propeller blades, and longer booms, the newest version is better suited to provide comfortable travel and stability for passengers.

Wisk’s 6th Generation aircraft is intended to provide services for everyone at an affordable price. Each passenger can purchase a mile at a cost of $3.

Advanced Air Mobility

The company received $450 million from The Boeing Company as one of the most well-funded AAM companies in the world.

Wisk is an advanced air mobility company located in San Francisco. They are focused on safely and sustainably changing the future of daily commute and urban travel. London-based Skyports – an urban air mobility infrastructure provider – recently received $23 million to develop an air taxi.

Originally called Zee Aero, Wisk’s stated mission is to provide safe, everyday flight for everyone. The company merged with Kitty Hawk Corporation in 2010.

With almost 14 million annual flights, Wisks estimates over 40 million people will enjoy time savings with no emissions. This technology is expected to help 20 cities with no emissions.

Thinking they needed to find a faster way to travel from one location to another, Wisk CEO Gary Gysin and his team sought inspiration for their project in 2010. That led to creating a company with the goal of providing everyone with everyday flight safety. Our team’s dedication and hard work over the last 12 years have led to the creation of our sixth generation of aircraft. This aircraft is the result of years of learning from our previous generations, input from our investors and partners and technological progression.


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