WeGoTrip raises $900k in Seed Round

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WeGoTrip raises $900k in Seed Round
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Audio tour company WeGoTrip accepted $900,000 in investment from Boris Plotitsa’s Tripster travel service, Sergey Dashkov’s Joint Journey fund and a Silicon Valley unicorn.

WeGoTrip provides tours of more than 600 different cities around the world; over 5000 monthly tourists use their portal.

Golovaty believes that the US and Europe’s customers bring in the most money . According to analytics , their revenue exceeded $800,000 combined for the year .

Alexander founded the company alongside his classmates from ITMO Kirill Chernakov and Stanislav Petryakov.

In 2020, the company started a business relationship with the Bank of Georgia after being accepted into 500Startups’ acceleration program. This got them $15,000 from the bank.

In addition to support from business angels from the audio tour market, 2021′s audio tour market raised $120,000 from private business owners involved with travel services.


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