Vivrelle raised $35 million in Series B

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Vivrelle, a membership club from New York City that offers members access to a shared closet of designer handbags and accessories, recently closed $35 million in Series B financing. This round was funded after nearly 1.5 years of closing Series A financing.

Investment From Celebrities

The investment round was led by 3L Capita, with participation from Plus Capital, Chapford Capital Group , Origin Ventures, celebrities, Emily in Paris star Lily Collins and Nina Dobrev— as well as Morgan Stewart McGraw, an entrepreneur and personality.

Vivrelle’s Series B financing helps the company promote new innovations throughout its entire business. It stands at the forefront of the luxury borrowing industry thanks to recent changes in business philosophy.

Vivrelle’s co-founders and CEO Blake Geffen and COO Ian McElree dreamed of a recent fundraising round when the company launched in 2018. The company said Nina Dobrev, Lily Collins and Morgan Stewart McGraw have helped it achieve this milestone. Vivrelle’s support from these capital partners — who share their vision of changing how consumers use their closets to experience luxury — is inspiring them to pursue many other projects. These include Vivrelle’s upcoming inventory additions, additional showroom spaces and the company’s hardworking team.

Vivrelle has been an exceptional success as a pioneer of the secondary market for resale items and sharing-related services. And their groundbreaking business model is poised to continue growing thanks to Jodi Kessler, 3L Capital’s Partner. Vivrelle shows best-in-class growth and member retention thanks to an EBITDA profit since inception— all while reimagining the luxury retail experience by combining subscription, resale and traditional retail.

Lily Collins, an actor and investor, stated that she’s excited to support and invest in a female-founded company. She expressed her support for sustainable fashion by stating that Vivrelle offers accessible designer brands that tailor to individual style needs.

Nina Dobrev, a celebrity and investor, considers herself an admirer of style and fashion. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own designer accessories and looks. Nina proudly supports Vivrelle, a company founded by women that speaks to her love of fashion.

Morgan Stewart McGraw is a personality and entrepreneur. He said that he’s excited to invest and support Vivrelle, a company that sells luxury accessories closets. Morgan has admired Vivrelle for years and is thrilled to partner with them.

Founded By Newlyweds!

Vivrelle is a membership club founded in September 2018 by newlyweds Blake and Wayne Geffen. The club provides members access to a shared closet of coveted designer handbags, jewelry and diamonds for a monthly membership fee. Members can also borrow items with no return date.

Vivrelle provides members with the ability to access expensive accessories without any commitment. Their membership includes a system where members can purchase items they love at discounted prices that are exclusive to Vivrelle members only. Vivrelle also boasts a fun system of borrowing items with no return date.

Exclusive club perks make members’ everyday lives feel like luxury.


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