Urban Health raised $3.4M to help people sleep better, relax and de-stress through app

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On Wednesday, a India-based digital wellness company, Urban Health, secured $3.4M in a Seed funding round led by 3one4 Capital.

Disney’s Ajay Arora, along with RB Investments, Venture Highway, and Founder Bank Capital, are other investors participating in this venture.

How will the funding be used?

The Indian company will use the funds to expand their member base, and provide one-to-one help via video and audio calls from health coaches.

Company plans to offer health and wellness plans through partnerships with schools and companies around the world.

Company has collected a total of $3.8M in funding since its inception, most recently receiving $400K in a pre-seed round in 2020, led by Venture Highway.

After graduating in 2018, Kshitij Jaggi, Rishabh Sahu, and Shivang started up Urban Health.

Kshitij lost 20 pounds by using many fitness and well-being apps, and Rishabh started meditating when he was a teenager. These two co-founders have a background that relates to the app that they created.

Shivang realized that many of the problems people experience are relatedto each other: screen time, information overload, sugar and weight gain, stress, and insomnia. Their personal experiences contributed to this insight, as they were already coding technology for consumer products at super fast speeds. Customers feedback and the pandemic of these issues pushed them to focus on these use cases, andmade them believe that wellness would be a bigger market to tackle because it connected all of these problems.

Urban co-founder Kshitij Jaggi says that while working in this field, they realized that every customer has a different journey and needs different kinds of help. This is what Urban has focused on since its inception, and what they will continue to expand on in the future. Different customers have different wellness needs, and members are nudged to accomplish their goals based on deep insights provided by Urban.

Smart wellness app

The Urban Health app is a wellness assistant that tracks sleep, steps, and minutes being mindful using psychology and personalized health coaching based on personal text messages. It also uses premium audio recordings to create custom plans for users’ wellbeing.

Meditation and sleep sessions offer personal coaching from well-known experts, daily motivation, and mindfulness guidance throughout the sessions. This is tailored to how users live their lives.

The company analyzed how well people were doing over a 4-week period of time, and claimed that 85% of users saw an improvement in their overall well-being.

Members who practiced yoga and meditation felt more relaxed, had better sleep, and was less stressed.

Kshitij Jaggi exclaims that Urban Health helps users be more aware of their surroundings and stay calm and relaxed. By practicing meditation and mindfulness for just a few minutes each day, users can improve their sleep and reduce stress.

In January 2021, Urban Health started selling membership services annually. The demand for the service was high in the US, and revenues have grown 20 times since then.

3one4 Capital is a partnership of investors who support other businesses. Anurag Ramdasan is a partner at 3one4 Capital and comments on Urban Health’s recent success: “People are starting to invest in their personal health and well-being more than ever. Urban Health has seen huge downloads and spending since their audience has grown so large, and we are excited to be a part of their next growth stage.”

Venture Highway is a startup company that focuses on solving health problems in urban areas. Neeraj Arora is one of the company’s founding partners. He says that he is proud to be part of the team since the beginning, and that they are all true product builders.


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