UK-based Railsr bags $46M funding

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UK-based Railsr bags $46M funding
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Younger generations are looking for embedded finance experiences. They’re looking to finance their experiences faster than ever before. The creation of the first embedded finance network in the UK garnered £5 million funding. This shows how well the UK embedded finance market is doing despite trends in the larger macroeconomic and geopolitical scene. By 2026, the embedded finance market in the US is expected to reach $7 trillion.

$46M Series C Round

Railsr formerly known as Railsbank closed its Series C fundraising round by raising $46 million. The round included $26 million in equity financing and $20 million in debt financing.

In addition to Mars Capital’s debt portion of the round, another investor was added in the form of Anthos Capital. They provided the Railsr Rouns II in July 2021. A portion of the round’s debt was also backed by North America, Asia and Europe’s Ventura, Outrun Ventures, and CreditEase.

Railsbank co-founder and Railsr CEO Nigel Verdon said that he was happy to announce that his company closed its Series C less than 4 months after Railsbank changed its name. This was significant progress toward financial success.

Meirav Harnoy is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Moneta VC. She stated that she enjoyed seeing Railsr grow from a small startup to a large challenger of old finance. Railsr has also promoted the creation of an economic system embedded in finance. As a result of her investment in Railsr, Harnoy said she was very excited to see what future development the company has ahead of it.

Embedded Finance Experiences Platform

Railsr is a world-leading embedded finance platform that uses finance as a strategic engagement tool to create deeper connections with clients, increase company brand relevance and generate revenue. Its founders are Clive Mitchell and Nigel Verdon,both serial entrepreneurs. This platform serves as a bridge between brands and their finance departments that want to increase communication and revenue generation.

The Railsr platform offers solutions including wallets and banking, as well as cards, credit and rewards.

Railsr’s business plan encourages the company to focus on the portfolio of over 300 customers challenging industries in finance and retail with new technology-powered experiences. Additionally, Railsr invests in departments that allow team members to create loyal customers.

Railsr’s partner Toqio claims their financial services partnership has enabled them to deliver services at large scale and quickness. Their partners said recent wins include Payine, Sodexo and HelloCash. By partnering with Railsr, Toqio was able to provide cost-effective financial services to the public. This collaboration has helped Toqio grow significantly, and we’re excited to continue working with them.


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