UK-based husband-wife duo founded startup raised $1.2M Funding for sharing jobs

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Roleshare, a London-based job-sharing marketplace and management platform, has secured a $1.2M in a seed round of funding led by Plug and Play VC.

Lumus Investment Collective, Invested, Techstars VC, Rethink Capital Partners, Forward VC, Athena Karp, Phil Chambers, David Blake, Richard Fearn, Vuyiswa M’Cwabeni, Scott Mackin, Brian Lo, Laurent Christen, Kevin Withane, Ayesha Ofori, Tessy Antony de Nassau, Frank Floessel and Catherine and Jonathan Lenson together with other early investors invested in Dopamine. Additional investors include Abby Wong , Adam Howe , Alex Macdonald , Elissa Grey , Harmeet Rehal , Nicholas Macdonald , Daniel Afan-Williams , Henry De Zoete , Matthew Bell , Andrew Jackson , Aarish Shah , Matthew Roberts , Sam Marks , Scott Dann and Chris Jones (Angels from Lumus Investment Collective).

Roleshare will use the investment money to develop their technology and products faster, into new markets, and expand their sales and marketing department.

Women who are returning to the work force want to have equal opportunity as their male counterparts, so the need for job flexibility is growing. According to a study done by McKinsey, if women had the same employment opportunities as men, the global GDP would increase by $12 trillion by 2025.

Talent marketplace

Sophie and David Smallwood started Roleshare, a job marketplace that matches people together to apply for and work full-time positions. The marketplace aims to have a positive impact on economic growth, gender equality, and well-being.

Companies benefit from increased productivity and employee happiness when they allow employees who love their jobs but need a more flexible schedule to fit in family and personal activities, or other interests and passions.

Sophie Smallwood co-founded Roleshare, a company that helps businesses keep talented people who do not want traditional jobs anymore. These people might have unique perspectives, skills, and accountability with their joint job, and Roleshare helps these people stay in their dream job.

JP Morgan, BP, and Alphabet’s X Moonshot Factory have all signed on as clients of the company. Pilot programs are being run there at this time.

Roleshare could help companies keep their employees, redeploy workers, and hire more people of different backgrounds and situations, says Smallwood. The system would allow companies to normalize and expand role sharing. Currently, Roleshare is only starting out, but has the potential to be huge.

Roleshare has arrived in the HR space and is offering a sharing economy approach to career growth and work opportunities. With the workers market being what it is and Gen Z expectations being what they are, providing employees more flexibility is more crucial than ever. Dave and Sophie are great, and their first success with Roleshare shows that this company is innovative and mission-oriented. Plug and Play Ventures Coralin Wais is an IC member and director, and was an early-stage investor in Roleshare.


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