UK-based DELLI gets $7.2M for its online marketplace

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Simon Beckerman’s recent startup DELLI raised $7.2M from Balderton and HV Capital. Both of these investors also invested in Depop, a food and restaurant listing website. In addition to their most recent funding, DELLI also received a seed investment round worth €2.9M last year.

Simon Beckerman mentioned the recent co-founding of DELLI. Marie Petrovicka, former VP of Markets at Depop, joined him as COO and co-founder earlier this year. She is excited to announce $7.2M in funding to grow the company and offer services to both makers and consumers. Simon says that DELLI’s success proves that there is a demand for its service among consumers. Additionally, more than 200 makers have already registered on the app, and many units have already been sold.

Marketplace For Food Lovers

Simon Beckerman founded Depop, a social media-based marketplace, after starting DELLI. This is a site for independent sellers to buy and sell food and drinks.

The app provides a way to explore small-batch foods and drinks in an encapsulated world. If you’re a “buyer” in the community, you can quickly order items with just a few clicks.
DELLI uses a “drop” model similar to fashion to sell products. This model helps them fulfill one of their missions— keeping small producers from experiencing cash flow, waste and ingredient management issues.

By supporting small producers from around the world, DELLI aims to change the dysfunctional food system. They believe that good food is a right for everyone and that their platform is long-lasting.

Simon and Marie have an impressive knack for identifying emerging trends and building up communities around them. That’s why our company is happy to support DELLI, along with the founders Simon and Marie. Daniel Waterhouse of Balderton Capital states, “DELLI democratizes food production and exposes consumers to a variety of choices when it comes to local produce. We are excited for what lies ahead on this journey.”


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