Spatial Computing Startup Threedium from London secures €2.2M to propel 3D E-commerce

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Spatial Computing Startup Threedium from London secures €2.2M to propel 3D E-commerce
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Threedium, headquartered in London and known for its 3D/AR enterprise infrastructure services, has disclosed a successful Series A funding round of €10.4M, with major investment contributions from Interpublic Group and Olma Partners.

Mesh Consensys, Reflexive Capital, Nirvana Family Office, Lyra Ventures, Edenbase, and Kinisis Venture Fund I were among the participants in this funding round.

The capital raised will be allocated to drive the adoption of spatial computing and advance 3D content production on the web. Additionally, the funds will further research and development efforts in AI to enhance the efficiency of 3D models. Threedium aims to expand its reach by enabling immersive storytelling for a wider array of global brands.

Threedium’s pioneering 3D and AR engine, Unlimited3D, empowers brands to showcase their products as hyper-realistic 3D assets. This technology allows customers to interact with the products, explore from different angles, change colors, sizes, or materials, and experience the product before making a purchase.

The 3D engine is adaptable across various sectors, including fashion, gaming, automotive, and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

“Traditional static 2D e-commerce is becoming obsolete. As consumer preferences evolve, brands must meet the demand for enriched, customizable experiences on the spatial web,” said Mike Charalambous, Threedium’s co-founder and CEO.

“This new round of investment reinforces the confidence investors have in our mission to transform digital landscapes and provide businesses with engaging and immersive capabilities,” Charalambous emphasized.


Unified 3D Omnichannel Solution

Mike Charalambous and Dusan Odobasic co-founded Threedium in 2017.

Threedium offers premium technological foundations for 3D/AR experiences, empowering customization and scalability for crafting thousands of unique 3D assets and seamless, ready-to-use 3D solutions that operate flawlessly across web, mobile, and digital media channels.

Its scalable and cross-channel capabilities negate the necessity to reconfigure 3D models for various online customer-facing platforms, ultimately reducing costs for CMOs and brand managers in content production, in-store activations, and gaming initiatives.

Threedium has developed a proprietary file format, .TUF, distinguishing it from other open-source platforms and safeguarding intellectual property from AI and web theft.

“We are setting the standard for web-based 3D with an omnichannel solution that allows brands to effortlessly distribute assets across all channels, files, and agencies. This integration with diverse workflows positions 3D technology as a pivotal tool for standing out in contemporary e-commerce,” states Odobasic, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer at Threedium.

“The boundaries between online and in-store shopping are blurring, and AR is becoming an integral part of every omnichannel product-buying experience. Those who do not take notice of this evolution risk being left behind,” he emphasizes.

Forming Collaborative Alliances to Lead the Way in 3D/AR Experiences

Threedium’s recent financing round showcases the escalating interest in 3D and AR technology, indicating a transition within the industry toward a more immersive online experience.

“Through this partnership, we gain access to an invaluable team with the expertise to unlock the full potential of 3D and AR technology. This, combined with the remarkable creative and production capabilities already offered by McCann Worldgroup and our production agency Craft, provides a distinctive and powerful value proposition for our clients,” said Kate MacNevin, COO of McCann Worldgroup, IPG’s creative agency network.

Threedium asserts its role in reshaping the landscape of online commerce, ensuring that brands remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bulgari, LOEWE, Girard Perregaux, Tommy Hilfiger, Diageo, and NuOrder Lightspeed have already begun leveraging Threedium’s enhanced digital immersive experiences on the 3D web.

Dipak Pandya, head of product and technology at Lightspeed POS, states, “Threedium’s immersive 3D technology enables forward-thinking brands to achieve cost savings, display commitment to sustainability, and assist buyers in better visualizing products they are purchasing by replacing sample images with detailed interactive 3D on the web.”

Threedium is actively building strategic alliances with global tech leaders like AWS, Salesforce, NVIDIA, and Teads. These partners will use Threedium’s APIs and infrastructure services to provide their customers with high-fidelity 3D and real-time customizable AR experiences.


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