Temedica collects €25M in Series B Funding

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Temedica, a Germany (Munich) -based medtech startup, recently received an additional €25 million in funding. This brought the total amount of money raised to €42 million. The funding was added to the company’s Series B round, which was led by MIG Capital and a Munich-based family office. The additional funding was used to expand Temedica’s product ecosystem even further.

The company was founded in 2016 and develops apps for the German health care market. One of their apps is Pelvina; it’s an online course for women to train the pelvic floor. Another app is Mineo, which is a back training app. And the third app developed by them is Waya — a weight loss app.

The company’s focus shifted from simply creating apps to studying health insights through Permea, its platform. This was intended to create a whole picture of how patients care realities affected them.

Temedica claims to gather more than 40 billion data points from over 50,000 diagnoses to study health-related issues such as disease progression, treatment effectiveness, the patients’ journeys and adherence to medication.

Temedica believes big data and new health concepts are key to making a significant contribution to medicine. The company’s vision is to use patient data outside of traditional clinical trials in order to create a new understanding of diseases and their progression. This is accomplished by linking health-related data to new insights that are based on evidence and science. Making this connection requires data sets related to patient generation outside of traditional clinical trials, according to the company’s CEO Gloria Seibert. I am glad our investors share the same dream as me and help me continue to grow the Temedica ecosystem.

On the decision to further fuel Temedica’s journey, MIG Capital’s Boris Berstein comments, “Temedica is operating in a massively growing and highly attractive market. The newly developed real-world insights platform Permea provides pharmaceutical companies with a deep understanding of patients and their care in the real world, outside of clinical trials. Access to this unique 360° understanding of care realities has the potential to revolutionize our healthcare system as we know it. The team at Temedica is highly motivated and goal-oriented, and we are excited to work with them and continue our journey together.”


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