TapNation from Paris secures €15M to revolutionize Gaming with Cutting-Edge Technologies

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TapNation from Paris secures €15M to revolutionize Gaming with Cutting-Edge Technologies
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TapNation, a mobile gaming publisher located in Paris, declared a successful acquisition of €15M in a recent funding round.

The funding was provided by investors such as Re-Sources Capital, Paluel-Marmont Capital, and specific banking partners.

Empowering Developers to Take Games to New Levels

Established in 2019 by Hervé Montoute and Igor Zabukovec, TapNation specializes in mobile gaming. The company harnesses technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to comprehend player behaviors and preferences, enhancing the gaming experience.

As a publisher, the startup has partnered with over 100 studios, providing them with game concepts and data tools necessary for launching their games.


Since its establishment, TapNation has experienced substantial growth, emerging as a key player in the gaming industry. By September 2023, the company celebrated over 1 billion downloads of its popular mobile games.

With 30 games ranked among the top global hits, the company introduced TN Labs, a specialized game development studio, aiming to diversify into hybrid genres and expand its offerings further.

For the third consecutive profitable year, in 2022, TapNation achieved €45 million in revenue, showcasing its consistent financial success.

Funding Usage

TapNation intends to utilize the funds to broaden its portfolio, fortify its growth strategy, and bolster its technological capabilities.

Co-founder Hervé Montoute remarked, “This investment is a testament to the confidence our partners have in our vision and our capacity to innovate. It will empower us to push boundaries, venture into new realms within the mobile gaming industry, and consistently provide extraordinary experiences to our players.”

“We are sincerely appreciative of our investors’ support and eagerly anticipate sharing our enthusiasm for mobile games with the global audience,” Montoute added.


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