SwissBorg raises over CHF 20 Million in Series A Funding and introduces new Launchpad Tool

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SwissBorg, a platform for investing in cryptocurrencies, has raised over CHF 20 million through its Series A funding round, with contributions from over 16,000 investors. SwissBorg has established itself as a significant player in the European crypto market, with over a million users of its investment app and revenues exceeding 150 million since the app’s launch in 2021.

SwissBorg has plans to expand its Earn product in the near future, enabling users to connect with decentralized finance platforms that provide a transparent yield on their cryptoassets. Additionally, its Thematics product will continue to allow users to invest in a portfolio of cryptoassets based on their personal beliefs.

The company’s co-founders, Cyrus Fazel and Anthony Lesoismier, have gained recognition for their community-centric approach to business. “At SwissBorg, we don’t refer to our users as ‘customers’. This implies a division between us and them. Our goal has always been to build a community that collaborates on an equal footing, united in the pursuit of a fairer and more meritocratic future,” says Cyrus Fazel, CEO and co-founder of SwissBorg.

To democratize early investment opportunities typically reserved for a privileged few, the startup has released its Multi-Asset Launchpad tool. This initiative builds upon their successful Series A fundraising campaign, which enables anyone with $100 to become a shareholder.

In total, the company has raised over CHF 21.2 million through three simultaneous public offerings and a private sale, with more than 16,600 investors participating in the Series A round.


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