Startup Nation Meets Europe: the conference where young Jewish professionals can network with Vienna’s business and tech elite to advance their careers

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On February 23rd – 24th, 110 HUB is hosting the 2nd Annual Startup Nation Meets Europe Conference in Vienna, Austria, with the goal of providing a platform for young Jewish professionals to network and gain common growth and professional advancement in order to help shape their professional paths.

Moshe and Tova Starik, Founders of 110Hub and members with leadership roles of the Jewish community in Vienna, commented that “the creation of 110 HUB was in order to provide a place for Jewish professionals to grow, learn, share and meet others seeking the same.” 

Events and weekends sponsored by 110HUB offer intensive professional development as well as career networking opportunities where participants acquire knowledge on topics such as business technology and improving business and marketing skills.

“Spread out across Europe are hundreds of young Jews, contributing members of their communities who work and seek a like-minded group that shares their values, traditions, goals, and interests. The number of Israelis in Europe is steadily rising, as well, increasing the scope of our audience,” as explained by Tova.

Among the keynote lecturers at the upcoming Conference is Mr. Hillel Fuld, Strategic Advisor and Hi-Tech Journalist. Dubbed as Israel’s “top marketer”, Hillel collaborates with leading global brands as Google, Oracle, and Huawe, as well as tech entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries, escorting them along the journey from brainstorm to revenue. In his session, Hillel will discuss how Israel has become a modern tech light unto the nations. Benjamin Ruschin, Managing Partner of Big Cheese Vectures will talk on how to be successful in a fast-changing world. 

The event will also feature a series of inspirational sessions from business leaders, including Marcel Harastzi, Chairman of REWE Group AustriaAwi Lifshitz, CEO of weXelerate; and Marcel Yavor, CEO & Owner, Frankstahl and SteelCoin; and Innovation Economist and Business Coach Asetila Köstinger will speak on the path of turning your dreams into a reality.

The two-day conference will offer a combination of plenary sessions, practical workshops and 1:1 meetings to help shed light on how young professionals can move up and move forward in today’s business arena.

Vienna is located in the center of Europe and therefore a great place to hold events. The city is an attractive place to visit and there are comfortable flights from global destinations. It also is the home for many young Jewish professionals from Eastern Europe, Ukraine and around the globe and for them, Vienna is a great place of learning, networking and professional development. 

Vienna is also a city in which innovation, especially in the high tech and business sector is taking place and we believe there’s a lot of potential positive outcomes for each attendee of the conference in Vienna. By bringing Israeli high tech and innovation experts to Vienna alongside local entrepreneurs and experts in business and innovation, we offer our participants a unique, global learning experience that is advancing, inspirational, and enlightening. 


About 110Hub:
110HUB is an organization that is dedicated to build and strengthen the community of young Jewish professionals in Vienna and Europe in order to facilitate their connection and integration in the business market as well as their professional development. Located in Vienna, 110HUB serves as a platform for networking and career advancement by holding monthly meetings, international seminars and an annual conference.

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