Solarize Energy Solutions picks up €4.3M

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German startup Solarize Energy Solutions has picked up €4.3 million in seed funding. The investment round is led by new investor Point Nine (which backed Gourmey). Existing investors, including Picus Capital, have increased their previous investment

Expansion Of Meter-To Cash SaaS Platform

Solarize plans to use the funds to further develop their operating system for microgrids. This will enable the company to increase their presence in international markets with a focus on the Western markets. The company will also utilize these funds to expand their Meter-to-Cash SaaS platform and develop additional functionality for it.

Billing and comprehensive plant monitoring can be accomplished through the SaaS solution. Data from this solution can be used to get error messages in the event of plant or meter failure.

Costs for solar energy have decreased dramatically. The benefits of locally-generated solar energy are becoming more and more apparent every day. People think it’s difficult to easily bill, pay taxes on, report, and manage their locally generated energy thanks to a dearth of modern tools. This is one of the reasons why many larger commercial property owners haven’t adopted solar power in their businesses. One team that could solve this problem is the Solarize team, since they’re experts at creating software for businesses” said Pawel Chudzinski of Point Nine.

Picus Capital’s Managing Director and Partner, Florian Reichert, assessed Solarize’s development as a clear process toward decentralization. He stated that the founding team had an ambitious goal for creating an operating system for decentralized energy markets. Additionally, Reichert noted that the vision of the team convinced him to invest in their early-stage project. Afterward, he expected Solarize to become the leading software solution for decentralized energy production.

Frederik Pfisterer, CEO of Solarize, is the founder and pusher of SaaS industry. He helped build one of Germany’s most successful startups with Before starting Solarize, he worked as an employee at another successful SaaS company called Mambu. As a result of his work on Mambu, he helped push daily decentralization in the energy sector.

Electricity From Microgrid Operation System

In 2020, Andi Weiß, Florian Feigenbutz and Frederik Pfister founded Solarize. The main cause of their motivation is the desire to make a significant societal impact by 2030. As part of that, they want to create electricity locally and use a microgrid system to support their operations.

By participating in Solarize’s electricity production and transmission services, real estate owners improve the appearance and functionality of their properties as well as adhere to ESG standards. They also receive high returns.

Solarize allows businesses to directly supply electricity to any number of employees. This is handled through a blockchain-based system that doesn’t leave a trail. Over 30 projects have been implemented by the Solarize team since 2018. This increased the team size by 3x over the course of two years.

Business owners declare their dreams through the microgrid operating system thanks to its ability to produce energy from their roofs for cheap instead of expensive grid power.


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