Setle secures €1.5M to make renovations more sustainable and transparent

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Setle is a Belgian startup that has secured $1.5 million in funding. KBC, a Belgian bank that previously funded Pharrowtech, led this investment round. With this partnership, Setle plans to enter the real estate market as a reliable partner.

New Pilot Projects This Autumn

KBC Bank’s Setle platform will begin multiple pilot projects in the fall. The proceeds from this funding round will allow Setle to expand, providing KBC bank customers with a stress-free approach to sustainable renovations.

According to Thibaut Nivelles, the CEO of Setle, KBC’s best mobile banking app and clear focus on sustainability made them an ideal company to partner with. Nivelles added that KBC’s partnership was a great honor and they were happy to develop their business with their assistance.

Innovation Manager Karin Van Hoecke of KBC Group’s Belgium business unit stated, “Our next step in ensuring customer convenience is investing in Setle. We see Setle as a valuable solution to the challenges of home renovation and energy efficiency. This is because it offers customers an easy, seamless experience that meets their needs. We appreciate Setle’s strong team and the quality of their solutions, which offers a total experience for our customers.”

Platform For Construction Professionals

Setle was founded in 2020 by Thibaut Nivelles; it’s a SaaS-driven software platform for construction professionals. Through an online interface, Setle helps builders make better decisions during renovations. Its mission is to make home renovations much more transparent; it aims to improve energy efficiency, increase space and even better distribute budget resources.

The platform features multiple helpful tools. These include data management, grants tracking, premium management, renovation file management, cost insight management and annual and monthly invoicing. There are also features for notary and renovation calculators, as well as platform renovation.

The Setle tool is a tool used by real estate agents to show buyers and renovators the estimated cost of a property. This tool helps improve the energy efficiency of a property, as well as its energy consumption. It also shows quotes from contractors and possible grants and subsidies.

Prospective builders and renovators benefit from this system. They can easily calculate the cost of any property they want to renovate by viewing current rates. They can also view the rates charged by their contractor, which allows them to make sure the contractor’s rates are fair.

Setle has approximately 10 employees and 425 customers in the estate agent business.


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